Uninstalling Scanner Software....

  Chrisann 14:11 21 Jan 2005

As my Scanner no longer works..I thought I would uninstall the software etc. Unfortunately it seems it won't let me do it. It keeps saying 'HPScanjet Uninstallation is not valid or the data has been corrupted. Uninstallation will not continue..'

My Question is shall I just leave it...does it mean it is doing any harm. or is there any other safe way I can get rid of it.?? Will it be taking up space etc.

I am going to install a new Scanner and software this weekend...


  Gongoozler 14:26 21 Jan 2005

Manual uninstallation is possible, but tricky and risky. Your safest options are to reinstall the scanner software in the hope that you will then have a valid unistallation file, or to leave the installation there until a later date when you may want to do a reformat anyway. I don't think there is any problem with leaving the old installation on your computer.

  Alan H E 14:27 21 Jan 2005

Have you tried add/remove programs in control panel or try reinstalling scanner s/ware & then uninstalling.

  Chrisann 14:29 21 Jan 2005

Thanks..I think I will just leave well alone if it isn't doing any harm......I don't want to try anything risky.

Thanks a lot..


  Chrisann 14:31 21 Jan 2005

Yes I have tried both your options to no avail..so think its best left as suggested by Gongoozler.

Thanks for replying.


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