Uninstalling Programs

  liujol 22:44 13 Sep 2003

Hi everyone. Why is it that some programs can't be deleted/uninstalled by using Add/Remove Program of Windows? I am deleting some program in my pc but a
message appears "could not open 'install.log file'"
How do I delete these kind of programs? Cheers!

  MAJ 22:53 13 Sep 2003

Did you, at some point, uninstall all your .log files, liujol? Sometimes they're uninstalled if you clean out your temp folder. You might have to re-install the program to enable you to delete it. As an alternative you could try uninstalling the program using RegCleaner click here it sometimes can remove troublesome programmes.

  Lozzy 22:53 13 Sep 2003

Try Windows Explorer to un-install if you cannot do it from Add/Remove.. Be careful though, one poss reason for you being unable to do it via Add/Remove is that the offending program may be running in the back ground..

  hugh-265156 02:14 14 Sep 2003

if you uninstall the programs in safe mode they should not be running and uninstall ok.

some programs though are just downright lazy when it comes to saying goodbye to them.its usually just a matter of as Lozzy says above using explorer and deleting the program or log file in C:\programs etc.you can also remove traces from the registry which most programs leave behind:

click start/run and type regedit and click ok.click my computer and back up the registry first by clicking file/export and save as type.reg anywhere convienient,next click edit/find and type the name of the program or developer and click ok.delete anything it finds by right clicking the entry and selecting delete.

tap F3 after deleting each entry and the search will continue,as above delete all untill it is finished searching the registry.

if it all goes wrong, which im sure it wont just click on the backup file you saved to restore the reg.

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