uninstalling media resiser

  johnnyrocker 23:22 05 Apr 2006

when i go to add/remove to get rid of this item as i have not really used it, when i highlight it i get asked if i really want to remove mailwasher which is the program before it in the list, i have been unable to find a way round this, any ideas?


  [DELETED] 23:26 05 Apr 2006

clean up the add/remove list - there are loads of tools that will do it, this is what i use - less than 50k click here

  [DELETED] 23:27 05 Apr 2006

click here
as a workaround the free trial of this will help...

  johnnyrocker 23:29 05 Apr 2006

i think i may not have made myself clear, all progs listed in my add/remove are valid and the only one i wish to do without at this time is media resizer.
thanks anyway.


  johnnyrocker 10:28 06 Apr 2006

day shift?


  [DELETED] 10:39 06 Apr 2006

Morning johnny. have u used the "your uninstaller" in the link it is probably one of the best uninstallers around, install, select prog to uninstall it will do this and clean up registry of any files left over,
use it myself and it does a good job......

  johnnyrocker 10:57 06 Apr 2006

i installed it and ran it, i still got the question about mailwasher so i stopped it, it then reports a list of files still on pc which includes mailwasher pro which i would not be without. media resizer does not appear in the add/remove list but the icons are still present on desktop.


  [DELETED] 11:10 06 Apr 2006

Don't understand why it should refer to mailwasher all i do is select the prog to uninstall with the option then to clean registry and thats it.
if is just the icons you want rid of try this
Get rid of unwanted desktop icons that won't seem to erase:
To perform:
right click on the icon
select properties
general tab
select hidden and ok

  johnnyrocker 11:12 06 Apr 2006

it is as if it would have uninstalled mailwasher if i let it carry on, but i likewise do not understand the confusion with mailwasher.


  johnnyrocker 11:15 06 Apr 2006

the program is still active and runs when the icons are clicked but it is not in add/remove any more.


  [DELETED] 11:22 06 Apr 2006

it has its own uninstaller maybe installing the prog again will give you this option other than that a manual delete of all files and folders....

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