Uninstalling IE7

  olyman 23:54 27 Feb 2007

I suspect that IE7 and its latest patch are the cause of several problems. I use Firefox as my main browser but need IE for a vital financial site. This site still works with IE7 but throws up an error message that IE has to close. I can ignore this and the site functions OK but if I tick or close "send error report" the browser shuts down. I also have problems with other programs including Mailwasher which now refuses to recognise my mail settings.
My problems started when I loaded the last batch of XP and Office updates when I foolishly included IE7.
I would like to uninstal IE7 to see if that will improve things.I understand that IE6 will be reinstalled automatically. However I am reluctant to try this as I can find no files with IE6 in the Windows (XP) program folder and dont want to be stuck without any IE. Is this worry unfounded?
I have looked in System Restore but there are no restore points far enough back. Not that System Restore has ever worked when I needed it.
I was happy with XP until Vista came on the scene since when updates to XP seem like acts of sabotage!

  Migwell 23:59 27 Feb 2007

Go to control pannel-Add / remove programs scroll down until you reach IE7 click on uninstall. IE7 will go and IE6 will take its place. There have been many reports on this forum to this effect

  BRYNIT 00:16 28 Feb 2007

As Migwell has said you can remove it from Add/Remove programs you may find it hidden so remember to put a tick against show updates.

  olyman 00:38 28 Feb 2007

I realise that IE7 is removable and it is visible in Add/Remove. My worry is that I can find no reference to IE6 in the Windows program folders, only IE4 and IE7 are mentioned and I wonder if the old version is still there. I have seen mention on another site (CNet) that it will be restored automatically but to be sure that you have IE6 available just in case.
Funilly enough after posting here I installed IE View extension on Firefox. I'm not sure if this extension actually instals IE or just mimics it. Either way the problem with my finance site has gone away opening through Firefox AND direct. My other problems remain however.

  phono 01:22 28 Feb 2007

I personally uninstalled IE7 and my system was immediately reverted back to IE6, going from my own experience you shouldn't have any problems, the emphasis is however on shouldn't as we are, after all, talking about Windoze.

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