MELLYMELL 09:30 01 Mar 2009

Ihave recently uninstalled the BT Norton security package and installed AVG Free version Anti Virus ,i am left with the BT Parental contol and Yahoo mail protection on my system.I can find no way of removing these 2 programs. Any help would be appreciated.

  kindly 13:58 01 Mar 2009

Have you looked in your "add and remove programs" list which you get to by going to Control Panel. See if they are listed in there. If yes then you click on the one you want to remove and select "remove".
If they are not there, then for the norton part of it, you can go to Norton site and they have a program to download that removes thier software fully. I am assuming it is Norton anti virus you are talking about.

  MELLYMELL 16:05 01 Mar 2009

Hi kindly
I have removed all the Norton software ,it is the BT Parental control and Yahoo mail protection which i want to remove.I have contacted BT but they said these would have to be removed before i was able toinstall their new software package,they said they were unable to remove them and suggested i take the computer to somewhere like PC World and get them to do it( at what cost?).

  kindly 17:49 01 Mar 2009

When you installed the software did you have a disc with it on. If yes, try putting it in again but this time before you click to install look to see if it has an option to uninstall. Sometimes they do. If not try a search through google to see if anyone has had the same problem.
I would say though, BT should of given you a way to unistall any of their features. Try ringing the customer service on monday to see if they can help.

  MELLYMELL 18:01 01 Mar 2009

Ther was no disc it was part of the BT broadband package.I dont think the 2 items i want to remove are part of the Norton package.

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