Uninstall (WMS) Windows Messenger Service

  JohnnyAlucarD 20:46 13 Dec 2003

Can someone tell me how to switch off WMS (Windows Messenger Service) on an XP OS please? I switched off mine a long while ago - and now I need to do for a friend and I cannot remember how! I know it is not a complicated operation - but I cannot remember how I did it. Any help will be appreciated.

  MAJ 20:47 13 Dec 2003

Go to grc.com and download "Killthemessenger".

  keenan 20:48 13 Dec 2003
  MAJ 20:49 13 Dec 2003

ooops, "shoot the messenger"

  keenan 20:51 13 Dec 2003

He.ll be dead either way :)

  MAJ 20:54 13 Dec 2003

LOL, keenan. ;-)

  VoG II 20:57 13 Dec 2003

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