Uninstall win 98 to install XP home

  henry1 12:40 26 Sep 2003

I am trying to uninstall win 98 as my XP home is for a new computer and it is expecting a clean hard drive. There is no uninstall windows in the uninstall programs. I looked at microsoft and they give a way to do it from command at start up but I am unable to get into command. When I press f8 I get a few choices, probably the one I want is Safe mode Command but when I select it the computer still boots up as normal. What am I doing wrong or is there an easier way to get XP home installed.

  alcudia 12:45 26 Sep 2003

The option you probably want is "Command prompt only" This will take you to C:\> From here you can format your hard drive and thereby remove Win98.

But you need to take care and ensure that your PC has a bootable CD drive to make use of the WinXP CD.

Be sure to create a boot floppy first and be certain that it works.

  Smiler 13:01 26 Sep 2003

I agree with alcudia that you will have to format the hard drive then set the computer to boot from the cd drive. Make sure you either have any important info backed up or in a separate partition on your hard drive.

  alcudia 13:43 26 Sep 2003

To continue, depending on the age of your PC it may not have a CD drive that is capable of booting your machine. You will first have to establish this. If you cannot boot from it you will need to create a boot floppy from Control Panel\Add-Remove Progs\Startup disc tab. You can use this to start your PC and then change to the CD drive to install XP.

When you say that your copy of XP is for a new computer, do you mean that it is a retail copy of the full version of XP, or does it say on it that it is for use only on a new computer. If it does you may have problems activating it.

It may have been a lot easier to have bought an upgrade XP disc. You would not have to worry about removing 98, or the possible boot problems. It would also have been a lot cheaper.
Despite what you may have heard, upgrade CD's do work.

  alcudia 13:45 26 Sep 2003

Just remembered. The Win98 boot floppy creates a virtual ram drive as drive D. Your CD drive will temporarily become drive E.

  henry1 14:39 26 Sep 2003

Thanks for the fast answers, my computer is a P3
with DVD an 10 gig hard drive so should be ok to start from the cd. I suppose I have to select that option from the BIOS before I start. I also have an external cd writer so would it be better to back up all onto cd's. I also have NORTON systemworks but have not explored all its possibilities such as ghost.
And yes now I realise that an upgrade would have been better still we learn from our mistakes.
If I get back on line I will let you know if it worked out ok.
once again thanks

  alcudia 15:11 26 Sep 2003

I would look at Norton Systemworks if you are using it on Win98. You may need a later version for XP.

You should back up everything you need as all data will be lost when you format the drive.

Well spotted about the bios. If you can boot from CD there will be an option there to make it the first boot device.

Good luck.

  brittas 15:29 26 Sep 2003

Make sure you have the xp drivers for all your cards etc. Simply put the xp home cd in. It will see there is an already installed operating system. It will ask if you want to upgrade or do a clean install. Choose the latter. It will offer to format your disk - either quick (just delete existing files) or a full format. Choose the latter and format in NTFS format. Windows will format and install. If you want to fiddle about with a boot disk you can - but it isn't necessary unless you are thinking about returning to win 98. GOOD LUCK !!!

  smegs 15:42 26 Sep 2003

Norton system works will work on 98 & Xp

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