Uninstall Vista

  Cornish Jack 21:53 06 Apr 2007

Recently advised a friend to buy a Dell C521 Dimension with Vista installed. Very pretty OS but my mistake was to not check that a modem was installed. It wasn't, so I assumed I could simply plug in a usb external dial-up. WRONG!! Vista wouldn't recognise any of the three I tried. So, next alternative was to try to install XP in a dual-boot setup. Wrong again!! Vista won't allow the older OS to be installed second.
I need to get this machine e-mail operative, so the last possibility is to delete Vista and clean install XP - the modems I have will work with XP. I have so far failed to get at the HD partitions to delete Vista and Fdisk and reformat. Please does anyone have the sequence for deleting Vista (or just accessing the HD to be able to reformat the Vista partition)???
I've tried a Linux based boot CD but Vista just keeps rejecting the selected options and rebooting itself.
Thanks in advance

  anskyber 21:58 06 Apr 2007

Why are you taking away a really excellent and stable OS?

First of all depending on the modems you have there may be driver updates to work with them. Which ones are you trying?

Secondly a standard ethernet connected modem/router will work with Vista because you do not need drivers to make it work.

  Technotiger 22:01 06 Apr 2007

Hi, someone may prove me wrong, but I don't think it is possible to uninstall Vista. No modem, but it should have Ethernet capabilities - I recently setup a new Vista PC for a friend, it had Ethernet, so I was able to setup BT Broadband for her, with the BT Router, a great piece of kit.

  [email protected] 22:26 06 Apr 2007

i think you may be correct, the only way i did it was a factory reset (came with xp) i tried many other ways but couldnt uninstall it

  Kate B 23:04 06 Apr 2007

I'm with anskbyer - seems a bit drastic to ditch a good OS when the problem is fixable by a) checking for updated drivers or b) getting an ethernet modem.

  woodchip 23:15 06 Apr 2007

Why not fit a PCI modem, Just check there is a spare slot. Or get on that works on the Com port at back of comp

  Technotiger 08:01 07 Apr 2007

'Why not get a PCI modem'

Hi, cos we is talkin' Vista here - not a bad thing, but different!

  Cornish Jack 11:40 07 Apr 2007

Thank you for the replies/advice.
The major point with this problem is that the machine is not mine. It is a brand new Dell and any internal add-ons will negate the warranty - so, no INTERNAL modems.
Re. external modems, I've searched for updated drivers for the modems available - result ... zilch!! Checks with three different local computer dealers brought a similar response. Additionally, one new external modem was recognised by Vista and it went through the driver loading and thereafter resolutely refused to recognise it. Four further attempts, including loading the manufacturer's drivers first, produced the same results.
Broadband? Yes, that would work but the lady owner doesn't need/want broadband - just PAYG dial-up. From her limited use point of view, she doesn't need the 'bells and whistles' of Vista ... the machine which this one replaced was a W98 'clunker' which was more than adequate. I've already committed her to an extra £80 plus to provide an external modem and an XP install CD. All that is now needed is (as previously requested) a working method of deleting Vista. There is something quite different from previous Windows OSs in boot access - a Linux based program keeps being rejected.
Soooooo ... as originally requested, does anyone know how to delete Vista and allow access to a SATA HD to Fdisk, reformat and install XP on a clean disk?
Lessons learned?? CHECK the spec of the machine ordered VERY CAREFULLY and leave Vista well alone for as long as it takes for the hardware makers to provide compatible components.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions for DELETING

  Nick1981 11:48 07 Apr 2007

I have just brought a new laptop with Vista and also had problems with on-line connections. My SP is AOL ans the router is a Netgear. After speaking to AOL and Netgear i was told neither would currently support an online connection. Yet here i am 3 days later, not only online but wireless!!!

  bremner 11:54 07 Apr 2007

You will need the XP Sata drivers for the machine.

Then boot the machine with the XP CD in the drive. Choose F6 when prompted and install the SATA drivers.

Follow the process through and choose the option to reformat the drive. Once this is done then a clean install of XP can follow.

Have you checked with Dell how changing the operating system will effect (if at all) the terms of support for the machine.

  Technotiger 12:08 07 Apr 2007

'Yet here I am 3 days later, not only online but wireless'

Grreat, but what everyone would like to know is .... How?

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