Uninstall software help

  ronec 18:12 15 Jun 2012

Before I visit my daughter to try and uninstall some software, I thought I might ask a question first. Computer running Windows XP. When she turns on, a Windows installer opens, stating that 'An Update for Sonic is ready to be installed' She called me because she does not remember having Sonic installed, and when she clicks Cancel, the window opens again. Over the phone, I talked her through the Control Panel route to see whether she does actually have Sonic installed. It does appear that Sonic is showing in the 'Add, Remove Software' section. I told her to highlight the software and then click the option Delete/uninstall. A pop up then opens, stating that Windows cannot uninstall the program as it is in the process of updating. Wait for the update to finish before proceeding. I asked her to carry on with the update and then delete, as suggested. A window opens stating that the route to the software is missing, so the update cannot proceed. So, if I cannot delete or update the software, how can I get rid of it another way??

  KRONOS the First 18:38 15 Jun 2012

Have a look for the program updater in Start>RUN>msconfig and then take the check out of the box. Then try to uninstall the software. You could also try uninstalling the program using Ccleaner, or Revo Uninstaller but it would still be best to stop it trying to update.

  rdave13 18:55 15 Jun 2012

As well as Chronus' advice try going to safe mode and then uninstalling via add/ remove or Revo.

  ronec 19:04 15 Jun 2012

Thanks guys, I will try those suggestions.

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