uninstall problem with windows downloads

  aimeec 12:11 03 Jul 2009

On my sisters computer she has used all but 800mb of a 30GB memory....impressive i think but now helping her do a clean out of stuff.

i have revo on her laptop to uninstall things as i like that programme to clear out files but i cant uninstall the following

windows journal
windows mail
windows contacts
windows destroyer (or something similar - basically an anti virus thing)

it wont show any of these up on revo and its telling me it wants to install the tray app and other programmes on start up.

much help needed

dont want to do a complete reset of the laptop as that is more hastle than its worth and in my experience not always successful.

thanks (ps she has vista)

  mooly 12:23 03 Jul 2009

Have you deleted old restore points ? That can free up a lot of space. A 30gb ? drive is small for Vista once you get a few applications on there.

  kalignorgna 13:06 03 Jul 2009

try downloading spybot from click here check updates and then run a scan for virus and such also download ccleaner from download.com click here and run the cleaner and reg cleaner

also check to see it the programs are active when you are trying to delete them as this causes problems other then that you will have to use a windows search with the file name in the parameters and manuly remove all traces of the software

  Sea Urchin 13:27 03 Jul 2009

You cannot uninstall Windows Mail - it is part of Vista

  aimeec 13:29 03 Jul 2009

thanks for the help guys - just downloaded the ccleaner thing...there just appears to be a lot of memory being used. the jounral thing and the spyware must also be part of vista so not sure what else can be deleted...will keep looking

  mooly 17:23 03 Jul 2009

Have you deleted the old restore points ?
Click "computer" right click the "C" drive assuming that's where the operating system is, then click properties and disc cleanup. Click "files from all users" and let it calculate what can be deleted. When that's done, click the "more options" tab and click delete "shadow copies and restore points". It will take a minute or two to gather the files. Click delete and confirm and that should free up considerable space.

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