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Uninstall prob with listing missing

  Hetti 16:50 02 Apr 2015

I thought I would try Chrome browser, but after a few days decided to uninstall it via Revo. Revo started the uninstall process then started to hang at the stage after selecting the option after "Moderate uninstall" I think it is "Advanced uninstall" I waited about ten mins but it was stuck there, closed Revo rebooted PC and tried again but same thing happened,now however the Chrome entry had gone from the list in Revo so I cant try to uninstall it from there now. Chrome is still on my PC and works as normal, but I want to remove it.

Forgot to add Chrome is not listed in Control panel> uninstall programs to try to uninstall from there.

How can I get rid of it please if not listed?

  Nontek 17:25 02 Apr 2015

If you only had Chrome on for a few days, try doing a System Restore back to before you installed Chrome.

  wee eddie 17:43 02 Apr 2015

This is a "might" try as Revo can sometimes appear to stick for an unreasonable amount of time while it is searching the Registry.

Reinstall Chrome and start again

  bumpkin 17:56 02 Apr 2015

If you use Revo in advanced mode then you have to select the registry entries that you want removed. Re-install Chrome (I know you still have it) then run Revo in Advanced and cick "select all" when asked what to delete.

  Hetti 20:57 02 Apr 2015

Thanks all............. reinstall then uninstalled

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