uninstall pirate xp and replace with proper win98?

  [DELETED] 20:48 28 Sep 2003

got new pc with pirate xp installed. can I uninstall by going to control panel, add/remove programs, uninstall xp. ?
I want to replace it with proper win98.
I dont have 98 startup floppy

  [DELETED] 20:56 28 Sep 2003

You could download a Win 98se bootdisk click here and format the drive, spixworth.

  [DELETED] 21:12 28 Sep 2003

thanks maj
have downloaded bootdisk to floppy
now what ?

  woodchip 21:23 28 Sep 2003

put a clean floppy disc in the comp and Double click the download file it will create a boot disc. then start the comp with the disc and at A:\> type format C: so it looks like this.

A:\>format C: follow instructions you do not need a label at the end of the format. then restart with floppy disc and choose start with CD-ROM support, I do not know what Your Drive letter was but if it was D:\ it will be E:\ it moves up one until you have windows loaded so after you get to A:\> type X: the X being you drive letter then when it as changed to you CD drive put the Win98 CD in and type setup and press enter follow instructions on screen

  [DELETED] 00:05 29 Sep 2003

I think that should be format C: /S ,shouldnt it?

  [DELETED] 08:34 29 Sep 2003

Never used a switch /s on a format, just checked only one i can find is /fs = filesystem, and no /s......

Just format C: should do the trick...

Unless you want to mess about with sector size etc.

Kitz E Kat

  graham√ 09:04 29 Sep 2003

spixworth, when you download the boot disk, save it to the desktop. This is because it is zipped. Double click to unzip, then send that to the floppy.

Go to 'Command Prompt' in Accessories.

Type in the following, pressing Enter after each line:

cd c:\windows
del *.*
attrib *.* -h ?s ?r ?a
del *.*
deltree system
deltree system32
deltree inf
deltree pif
rename Desktop Desktop.old

This will delete the old files. Now enter 'format c:', etc.

When you boot up to the floppy the CD-ROM will be Drive R, so you will need to enter 'R:', then at the 'R;\' prompt put the 98 in the drive, and enter 'setup'.

  graham√ 09:08 29 Sep 2003

...Enter after each line:

cd c:\windows

del *.*

attrib *.* -h ?s ?r ?

del *.*

deltree system

deltree system32

deltree inf

deltree pif

rename Desktop Desktop.old

  graham√ 09:11 29 Sep 2003

attrib *.* -h -s -r -a

  [DELETED] 09:56 29 Sep 2003

If your XP system is formatted with NTFS instead of FAT32 it will be more complicated. If you look in My Computer at the side of your drive it will tell you the file system employed on each drive, if not click at the top and enable 'File System'.

  [DELETED] 10:29 29 Sep 2003

My favourite dos command!!

If you use the /y switch, it won't ask you to confirm each action.

to delete all windows files do this

deltree /y c:\windows\*.*

That'll do the lot leaving you with an empty directory which if you so wish you can

rd c:\windows

Good luck

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