uninstall I.E.8 because of problems printing O.E.6 messages

  Markito 15:44 01 Jan 2013

Firstly, Happy New Year to all.

Now, is the action I suggested in the title a possible cure for not being able to print whole messages in Outlook Express 6? (Only the header gets printed). I should add that I have Windows XP SP3 and as far as I recall, when I had I.E.7 - which was pre-installed - there was no O.E. printing problem. With the continual Windows updates could it be that there's a compatibility issue?

If you think I could well be right, is it safe to uninstall I.E.8? When I was about to do it from "Add / Remove" programs, a warning message came up saying that I might have problems with a vast array of software if I uninstalled. So I didn't go through with it. Some reassurance on this point would be appreciated. I should add that my default browser is Firefox which I use for all web browsing.

Also, how do I stop I.E.8 from reinstalling assuming my laptop installs I.E 7 after the uninstall of 8? I assume I would need to keep checking manually for Windows updates (instead of my computer doing so automatically) to stop being upadated to I.E.8 again.

Many thanks in advance and Happy New Year to all.

  Woolwell 18:17 01 Jan 2013

I see from a previous post that you've had this problem for about a year. As far as I am aware there were problems with IE7 and OE6 but not with IE8. Going back may not therefore help. You may consider moving to Windows Live Mail.

  Markito 11:27 02 Jan 2013

Thanks for your suggestion, but in all other ways I'm quite happy with Outlook Express 6. It just seems odd that I should have to suffer because of a possible glitch in compatibility with a version of Internet Explorer which I never really asked for in the first place.

  northumbria61 11:51 02 Jan 2013

I have to agree with Woolwell - I suggest staying with IE8 and changing to a newer email program.

The Outlook Express application is the default e-mail client on PC computers running Windows XP. Outlook Express comes installed with the operating system, but if you choose to use a different e-mail application, you may delete Outlook Express. If you want to get the program back on your computer, you can reinstall Outlook Express as long as you are an administrator on the computer.

This LINK describes how enter link description here

  Markito 12:08 02 Jan 2013

Thanks guys.

Since two of you now agree, I will look at another e-mail programme, as long as it's easy to install and I can transfer existing Outlook Express e-mails and address book to the new one.

  northumbria61 12:18 02 Jan 2013

Instructions here for importing your OE Mail and Account settings into Windows live Mail enter link description here

  Woolwell 12:33 02 Jan 2013

Don't confuse Windows Live Mail with Windows Live Hotmail. Windows Live Mail is part of Windows Essentials Download link. You do not have to install the rest of Windows Essentials, just make sure that when installing that you click only those that you want or untick those you do not want.

  Markito 14:38 02 Jan 2013

Thanks again both.

Being a bit of s "stick in the mud" I needed to have my confidence boosted before attempting any major changes on my computer.

Best wishes and have a Happy New Year.

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