aboutit 17:58 19 Dec 2008

i have 2 drives C and D how can i uninstall programmes from my D drive. Add/remove only shows me C drive

  Technotiger 18:12 19 Dec 2008

Add/Remove should show programs from ALL drives.

Just what is your D: drive? Is it a partition on the same physical drive as C: or is it a separate external drive?

  aboutit 18:23 19 Dec 2008

no its not external i have a sony pc. c drive 27 GB and D Drive 121GB

  Technotiger 18:30 19 Dec 2008

You have not said if D: is actually a separate drive, rather than a partition on the same physical drive as C:

In any case a better un-install program is click here this should show all your programs.

  mfletch 18:32 19 Dec 2008

In Vista D drive is your backup Partition and will not be listed in add or remove programs

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