Ned116 09:15 21 Jul 2004

I've completely uninstalled programm from my pc, but when I reboot I keep getting the error that its having problems loading into the system tray ??. as far as I'm concerned it should'nt be there any more

can anybody please help me


  MichelleC 09:38 21 Jul 2004

Type the prog name into search/find and delete any residue files. Or you may have to go into registry.

  xania 09:39 21 Jul 2004

Sometimes, you will find that the uninstall program leaves bits behind - the worse ones are those that leave entries in Windows registry or in the start-up. You need to delete these manually, (although, if you've got Norton Systemworks, the System Doctor could solve this for you).

First go to <Start><Run> and run a program <msconfig>. Use the rightmost tab, which will bring up a list of all programs loading at start-up. Check the list and uncheck every mention of the program you have deleted, if any. You will have to reboot to check. If you still have problems, check all copies of a folder called Startup on you C:\ drive and set if there are any icons for the program and delete them. You can now try another reboot. If you still have problems, you will have to remove them from your registry. Having first backed up your registy in case of problems, go to <Start><Run> and run a program <regedit>. Search and delete EVERY entry (and there could be many of them) which refers to the program - or to its manufacturer. For example, if you want to delete Notron, you will have to search for Norton AND Symantec - they don't like to let go.

Good luck.

  longmuirlongmuir 10:01 21 Jul 2004

if you dont uninstall a program correctley or in the right order you will get this problem.

Fix 1

go to cont panel then add remove prog and uninstall

Fix 2 for win 98

Restart pc
On startup press and hold shift or keep pressing f8
Select command prompt only
Type Scanreg /restore

Select a prev date and time
Press enter

The computer will now restart

Fix 3

Reinstall the program then remove from add remove programs

What op system are you using and what program was uninstalled

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