Uninstal MemTurbo II

  johnpalmer 10:46 20 Sep 2003

I succumbed to a pop up advert/offer for MemTurbo II, promising dramatic improvements in PC performance & NO crashes.

Needless to say, I have seen no difference at all.

I have asked for a refund, but I have had to promise to un-install the software.

The problem is I cannot find any uninstall methods.

There is no icon in my START-PROGRAMS menu, and nothing related in my CONTROL PANEL-ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS.

Do I just close the application and delete, or what.

John Palmer

  holly polly 11:27 20 Sep 2003

.hi i myself use mem turbo 2 and find it a handy piece of software ,it mainly works by recovering ram either manualy or automatic ,before i had it installed there was instances where i run out of available ram ,this is not tghe case now i have mem turbo installed ,i have just checked my system ,in add /remove programs mem turbo is listed ,if there is no mention in add/remove check your program files my comp select c(where c is your hdd)program files look for a file called silicon prarie software -this is mem turbo, delete it though it will proberly still leave aftermaths within registry if so u might have to run another application such as regcleaner{use with care }if there is no folder from silicon prarie software in program files then i dont know -search your hdd for all file or folders associated with mem turbo and then delete them ,try add/rermove programs first ,then the other options after ,hope this helps -hol pol...

  johnpalmer 06:56 21 Sep 2003

Thanks holly polly

I have recently had to re-load my Windows ME software, and as I had installed memturbo prior to this, I have now found it in the backup I took.

Until you mentioned silicon prairie, I had no idea to look for this and was only searching for memturbo in my run/search for files facility.

In the backup/siliconprairie/memturbo, I have found the uninstall file, which I have moved back into the programme files prior to deletion.

Thanks for the help, although I still think the software is useless for me, as most of my computer use is on the internet, and probably NetTurbo would be more suitable.

My access to the net is via ADSL and bloody quick already.


John Palmer

  holly polly 08:04 21 Sep 2003

mem turbo has nothing to do with conn speed it is a application designed to keep your appl running smoothly ,as mentioned above it works by recovering non essential ram ,have you noticed sometimeas your running apll start to run slow, well mem turbo works by making sure you never run short of ram ,if you purchased this piece of software for faster surfing etc ,then im sorry you have been misled-best regards-hol pol..

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