unidentified windows vista error can not start pc

  LEGGGGY 19:35 28 Oct 2008

hi since buying this toshiba laptop with vista in may this year ive had to re-load vista 4 times and in doing so lose everything.

on start up with no warning the system states unidentified windows error and no matter what i try i have to reload from recovery discs. ive taken back to pc world and they say laptop is fine must be vista and thats that..

any ideas !! and is ther a good way of backing up programmes etc so i dont have to re-download all software and re imput settings etc.. have never done back ups etc ..

  sunnystaines 19:42 28 Oct 2008

any error numbers or codes in the message

  skidzy 19:45 28 Oct 2008

Your cure is going to be Acronis True Image and an external harddrive.click here

  LEGGGGY 19:46 28 Oct 2008

no no error codes at all just unknown / unidentified error =window vista. then pc gives only option to shutdown

  daxian 21:34 28 Oct 2008

had a similar problem recently ...due to a failed sp1 update ....press f8 as you start the machine this will give you the repair option, along with safe mode options, choose repair and system restore option .
goto a restore point before sp1 if it is there .
should get you working again ...Dave

  ventanas 21:56 28 Oct 2008

I've got two Toshiba laptops, both from PC World, and both running Vista. They are faultless, so I can't see why you should be having problems.
Also if purchased in May, it's likely that SP1 was already on and is therefore not removable, but worth a look anyway, but could also be very long ago and therefore a bit pointless. Unlike makes such as Dell, Toshiba had no problems with SP1. My Dell desktop only got it six weeks ago.
skidsy's advice is sound, get Acronis and another drive.

  daxian 22:17 28 Oct 2008

hi again ....twas just an idea ,that it may be sp1
point is the repair option is there on the toshiba and a restore point will get it working if its not a hardware fault ....cant see the point of backing up a non working system ...ok gives access to files and photos ????Dave

  daxian 22:34 28 Oct 2008

hi again ....ignore last post, re-read and see the point ....(tired... long day)Dave

  LEGGGGY 18:50 29 Oct 2008

hi,,thanks for that.. yes pc world advised pressing f8 but still have to re-load vista i dont appear to get the option of using a restore point!!! ive got a 5yr old pc and 5-6 yr old dell laptop running xp and neither have ever had to re-load operating system.

can i get rid of vista and simply load xp ?

dose everyone have probs with vista ?

and as for pc world there as much use as a chocolate fireguard once they have your money..

  Pineman100 19:06 29 Oct 2008

If you bought the laptop preloaded with Vista from PC World then they have no right whatsoever to deny responsibility for it. The OS is as much their responsibility as the hardware.

Take it back to them and demand that, under the terms of the warranty and of the The Sale and Supply of Goods to Consumers Regulations 2002, it is up to them to ensure that the computer operates properly - hardware and any preinstalled software, including the OS.

  Pineman100 19:07 29 Oct 2008

I meant to add this link, which will explain your rights.

click here

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