Uniblue SpyEraser finds Nyxem

  breadwinner 15:13 02 Feb 2008

A free scan with SpyEraser has found Nyxem & Imloader, but Spyware Doctor dosn't. neither does Spybot S+D or a-squared free. Is Spyeraser telling me porkies so I buy the product

  mfletch 15:18 02 Feb 2008


You have done the right thing in using the free options to check for the problem?

If your computer is running ok I would not take SpyEraser too seriously,


  breadwinner 15:28 02 Feb 2008

Thank you for your reply mfletch

  breadwinner 17:35 02 Feb 2008

Any other thoughts on this

  mfletch 17:44 02 Feb 2008


I have found this,

imloader.exe is part of the Incredimail package

Nyxem click here

The 'Nyxem.e' is a mass-mailing worm that also tries to spread using remote shares.

Download and do a full scan with SAS Superantispyware

click here


  breadwinner 09:08 03 Feb 2008

Thanks once again mfletch. I have tried the other programs and they tell me I'm clean. I have run about 6 anti=spyware apps throught it & they all find nothing
Thank you

  Technotiger 09:38 03 Feb 2008

Hi, have a read through this link - note that when this scan is run it frequently reports all 'clean',
so it is not just finding 'things' to make you pay for it! I have run the scan several times and have always got the Green-light - this to me, is confirmation that I am doing a good job of protecting my computer, as per the other regular members seen in my link .... in my partners' experience it has found nasties that other programs had missed.

click here

  birdface 09:45 03 Feb 2008

Another program that finds things others don't.Then wants you to pay.Now it would be interesting to see if this finds any problems.click here Imloader is now recommended as safe with A Squared and thats probably why it never picked it up.

  birdface 09:48 03 Feb 2008

Let us know how you get on with Prevx.It will probably find something different.

  breadwinner 10:16 03 Feb 2008

Thanks guy's.
Have run Prevx. It does not find any infection's

  Technotiger 10:19 03 Feb 2008

No infections - that is good!

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