Uni accommodation internet - wired to wireless

  magical stone 15:23 29 Sep 2007


I've just started my second year at Uni and have moved into my new accommodation. The internet is provided through an ethernet port in my wall, and i've currently got this connected directly to my laptop.

What I would like to do is basically connect this ethernet cable to a piece of hardware which can share my connection wirelessly so that I can use the internet around my flat without having it plugged in all the time.

I have with me at Uni a Linksys router, as I thought this might help me make my connection wirelessly, but i don't really know how to use it for the purpose, or even if its actually possible. Would I need a wireless access point instead?

Also it's probably relevant that the internet isn't free, and so I don't want to broadcast internet around the building unsecured so that others can use my connection.

So, can any of you guys help me solve this problem?

Any help greatly appreciated :)

  dms05 16:11 29 Sep 2007

What model is your Linksys? If it's a wifi router then it may well be suitable. In any case you can easily encrypt your connection to keep out most unauthorised users. Tell us more.

  magical stone 16:34 29 Sep 2007

The router is a Wireless-G ADSL Gateway, WAG54GS.

So how would I go about sharing the connection through this router, would I connect the ethernet socket from the wall point (where the internet connection comes from) into port 1 on the router, and then connect to the router on my laptop using wifi?

It would seem illogical to me that if i then connected to the router wirelessly, the internet would simply work without any other further configuration.

  magical stone 16:49 29 Sep 2007

Ok I have done this in a vague hope that it would work.

1) Connected wall ethernet port to port 1 on router.

2) Connected laptop ethernet port to port 2 on router.

At this stage the internet still works, in the same way that it would if I connected directly into the wall socket.

3) I then tried connecting to the router wirelessly, but the Internet would not load this way.

4) I then tried to access the router configuation pages through - it said loading for as long as I kept the page open, and nothing was displayed.

5) I tried step 4 using a wired connection to the router and had the same problem.

6) I disconnected the router from the wall and then attempted step 4, and still I had the same problem.

Hope this info may be relevant.

  dms05 17:59 29 Sep 2007

Does your existing direct Ethernet connection require any special set-up?

I would have followed exactly the same steps as you have taken and expected it to work.

Odd you can't access the router via - could it be a Firewall issue? Which one do you use?

  magical stone 18:09 29 Sep 2007

I'm trying to access the router configuration on a Macbook, there is no firewall running and I can't see what else could be blocking it - but I could be missing something?

The existing direct ethernet connection just plugged in, I was given the ISP's sign-up page to pay the fee to actually effectively load web pages, once the payment had been processed I could access the web normally.

  magical stone 00:18 01 Oct 2007

Any advice?

  TonyM 10:14 01 Oct 2007

The router you are using is designed to connect to an ADSL enabled phone line (through the LINE) socket, and then distribute that signal to the 4 wired connections and a wireless network. I don't think you can use it the way you are trying....as you said yourself you need a Wireless Access Point to transmit the signal - something like:

click here

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