unhandled exception c00000005

  willy1 03:03 02 Feb 2003

when i boot up my xp i get this little box 1inch x1inch with the message unhandled exception c00000005 at address 100016b8.ive tryed with norton,scan disk,deleting,defraging,it will not go away.any one got any idears yours gratefully.will

  Gongoozler 07:59 02 Feb 2003

willy1, a search via Google for "unhandled exception c00000005" revealed several possibilities. One was caused simply by the printer not being switched on. Another was caused by faulty games software click here.

Can you remember what changes you made before the problem started?

  willy1 10:54 02 Feb 2003

i think it happenned when trying to find out why my cordless mouse was not working.founnd out batteries needed changing-ever since ive had this problem

  JoeC 13:22 02 Feb 2003

or other Administrator facilities ?. ( Start > Control Panel > Performance and Maintenance > Administrative Tools )

  JoeC 15:29 02 Feb 2003

have you installed / uninstalled Kazaa recently ?? : }

  JoeC 15:46 02 Feb 2003

"no,ihave norton anti virus plus zonealarm.firewall.could it be a virus?,im pretty clueless in these stituations."
Could you please put any replies into the forum by entering them into the " Add a new response to " boxes at the bottom of your thread - that way everyone can see what is being tried / has failed etc.. The reason I asked about Kazaa is that when it is uninstalled, it sometimes leaves behind the Delfin Viewer which can cause symptoms as yours. If you have an up-to-date virus programme and have run a check, then it is unlikely to be a virus. If you go the place suggested in one of my posts - about Events Viewer - you MAY see what has caused the problem. It is one of these difficult ones to pin down. Have a look under Events Viewer ( Application and System ) to see if there are any errors. Failing that,put your WinXP CD in the tray, then go Start > Run > and type in the box sfc /scannow Please note the space between sfc and /. This will repair any corrup / damaged files you may have so we can rule that out. ; }

  JoeC 16:20 02 Feb 2003

" sorry im new to this i didnt understand the crrect protocol "
willy1 :- Don't worry about it. More importantly, don't feel as if you are going to look stupid by posting something. Before I got my first computer,I thought everyone with a computer was an anorak ! Jeez, how I have suffered since from my mates. Replying on the forum gives everyone a chance to chuck in their tuppence worth to try and help you. I know when I first came here I was very nervous about putting anything into print for fear of looking stupid. Sooner or later, someone will come along that knows far more about computers than you or I, so be patient and eventually your problem will get fixed. ! : }

  Gongoozler 16:33 02 Feb 2003

willy1, their are many causes of this error. It could be that in trying to fix your mouse problem you corrupted a file. This type of problem has also been caused by spyware click here. You could try a system restore to a date before the problem started. If it is spyware, then downloading and running Ad-aware from Lavasoft should cure it. click here

  willy1 00:54 08 Feb 2003

found problem,was batteries went in cordless keyboard.reinstalled the disc problem solved,thanks for the help chaps, will

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