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MS Publisher doesn't lend itself to making good web sites. Hardly surprising, as its primary purpose is that of a Desktop publishing program.

I found your site interesting, but a few brief comments spring to mind.

1. The site is confusing, and this results partly from your use of different fonts and point sizes on almost every page - in some cases you've used all caps - which is not good practice in any form of publication. To be inviting a site should have a clearly defined and cohesive 'look' and this is achieved by using the same header, sub-header and body text fonts and point sizes throughout.

2. The grid background will be familiar to every Microsoft Office user as being one of the standard HTML email backgrounds. It causes tension and is distracting on a page with fair amounts of text and images. A plain white ground would work better.

3. I noticed that some of the colour photos have been saved as Gifs. A rule of thumb is to use JPEG compression for complex colour photos and Gif compression for images with blocks of solid colour - logos, graphics and the like. You'll get better results if you JPEG all your photos.

4. The layout is confusing. I suggest that you put the navigation buittons on the left of the homepage (rather than in the centre) and repeat them on every page in the site. Then you won't need to have text links at both top and bottom of each page.

5. You would find it easier to lay out your page content if you used tables. A good way of working is to create a template of a standard page, complete with tables and use it for all new pages. You can add cells and columns to a page as you see fit, but the use of a standard outline table would give a clean, uniform look to the site.

6. Don't forget to include a copyright claim on the bottom of the homepage. This should take the form of a copyright symbol followed by the year date and the name of the site owner(s). You should also cover yourselves by including "All rights reserved, all trademarks hereby acknowledged." Use a small font size - say 8 point Arial for this.

7.I agree with pesala - the music will not be to everyone's taste, and nothing is destined to drive visitors away with greater alacrity than intrusive music on a site, so an 'off' button would be a great idea.

I hope you find all comment constructive - it's intended as such, and I can see you've worked hard on the site.

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