Unfilled screen

  nickhick 07:54 03 Nov 2003

A lot of websites I visit, including the illustrious BBC's one, seem to be aligned to the left on my 15 inch laptop TFT screen (resolution 1024x768)thus leaving a 2 inch space on the right (unlike PCA's admirable new website). Is there any reason why this should be so. Is it to do with the way in which the website designers write these pages? I would have thought that, like some websites, they would automatically resize themselves to fill the space available or is a too simplistic approach?

  Djohn 07:58 03 Nov 2003

Yep your correct. I think they are in the main optimised for 800x600. The BBC site takes up just over a third of my 12" TFT monitor. j.

  Djohn 07:58 03 Nov 2003

For 12" read 17" :o(

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