Unexplainable non connection to G604t Router

  peug417 20:03 26 Mar 2006

Hi I am back, I have had my G604T Router working fine with my Dell400 laptop using D-LINK Airplus wireless adapter. I had it set up using WPA ENCRYPTION with no problems at all. Now I have changed my laptop to a Sony Vaio it wont work. If i select it as an unprotected network it works fine, i can ping both machines and router from the laptop. As soon as revert it to WPA encryption or wep it won't connect. I have sat the pc'c side by side and ensured replication but still it won't connect. I even changed my password to no avail. Both pc's are running xp sp2.

  Taff™ 20:14 26 Mar 2006

Two suggestions. In the G604T were you using MAC addresses as the security as well? Not sure if this is the answer because you can ping without encryption switched on. Try entering the MAC address of the Vaio.

Do you have a firewall on the Vaio as well as the G604T? If so make sure that the range of valus to is in the "trusted zone" and temporarily turn off the router firewall. Remember to save the router settings in Tools>System Settings and then restart both the router and laptop.

  Taff™ 20:17 26 Mar 2006

If these suggestions don`t seem to work. In the Router admin go to Status>System Log - scroll down to the last entry and copy & post any suspicious log entries.

  peug417 20:22 26 Mar 2006

At present I only have windows firewall running on the laptop with avg antivirus.

  Taff™ 20:33 26 Mar 2006

By the way, whilst you are testing thse things out move the two laptops away from each other - at least 3 metres apart - I have known two laptops in close proximity interfere with each other.

  woodchip 20:37 26 Mar 2006

All WPA ENCRYPTION settings should duplicate the router settings

  Taff™ 20:37 26 Mar 2006

Ah got it! In the Vaio open the Wi-Fi user interface (Or the Windows one if that`s being used) and go to the Profile. Delete all of he Access Points from the profile list and set up onewith the WPA encryption.

Theory - The Vaio finds the router and identifies it`s MAC address and tries to connect without encryption bcause this MAC address is in the Profile. It ignores the second one with the encryption because it is second in the profile list and it already has the correct AC address.

What do you think?

  peug417 21:28 26 Mar 2006

sorry for the delay, was trying out your first solution, disabled both fire walls didn't work. Then i lost my connection to the net so couldn't post back and to round it off couldn't reopen the router admin to undo what i did. Finally got it back up and running still unsecured. Re your last suggestion, can you run through it step by step as i dont want to bugger it up. Not sure what the user interface is?

  Taff™ 21:49 26 Mar 2006

The user interface is the software programme that is provided with the laptop which allows you to scan for the available networks, then connect to one by inputting the encryption password. It usually replaces the Windows XP User Interface.

To check if your laptop uses the Sony or XP version go to Control Panel and open Network Connections. Right click the wireless adapter and select properties. If the box "Use Windows to configure ...." is not ticked you need to launch the Sony one. If it is ticked you will see a list of preferred networks below.

In the Sony GUI (Graphic User Interface) On one of the tabs you should see "Profiles" which are the "saved" successful connections prevously established with the laptop. I have several in mine because I save the profiles of my customers access points. My computer then looks first for my home router, then the office and then any of my customers routers in order. I can move the priorities up or down the list.

My guess is that your original "No Encryption" Profile is still there and at the top of the list. Delete it and search for your G604T router and enter the correct encryption key again from scratch.

  woodchip 21:54 26 Mar 2006

After any changes reboot the router

  peug417 20:00 27 Mar 2006

Followed your instructions to the letter.
deleted the existing wireless network from the profiles. reset router to wpa with new 20 digit password. Saved all and restarted in the admin setup. Unplugged and replugged the router for good measure. Rebooted laptop it found the security enabled network entered the 20 digit key twice and then,,,,, nothing it wouldnt connect. I did note going back into the profile properties that the 20 digit password had been saved as a 10 or 12 digits??? presently back to unsecured. praying for divine intervention..

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