Unexpected Outgoing TCPs,ICMPs,UDPs

  Ol' Greyhair 23:13 06 Feb 2004

Being slow off the mark, I recently installed a McAfee firewall – it seems to be working OK. I’m not too concerned about incoming packets - shows it's doing its job. But was does concern me are the number of blocked outgoing TCP,UDP,ICMP items I'm getting - not because they're being blocked but because they're there. Putting a trace on them shows that some might be results of site visits made over the years, most seem to revolve around Whois databases and many I haven’t got a clue about. For example, a group revolve around Energis – why they are being pinged from my PC, I really do not know. I’ve used Adaware and Spybot to see if they would isolate the originating file – they got rid of others but not these. I’ve renewed Index.dat in Cookies and burnt the cookies – no good – still pinging out. I've virus scanned etc and they don't show as nasties but where are these coming from inside my little box and can they be stopped. I am totally wary and pigged off with sub Trojan type things being chucked inside my whirring beast when I wasn’t looking.
Ol’ Greyhair

  VoG II 23:31 06 Feb 2004

Turn off the alerts and relax! Your firewall is protecting you.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:00 07 Feb 2004

The alerts are total cobblers. No 'hacker' will try to enter a home computer. Turn off the alerts as they are as much use as a chocolate teapot. Keep your AV up to date and DO NOT WORRY.


  User-312386 00:04 07 Feb 2004

like the "chocolate teapot" remark

  Ol' Greyhair 00:25 07 Feb 2004

Many thanks for the replies, I know what you mean about chocolate thingies, not worrying and that the wall is working. I also go along with the lack of real threat bit. But it's as much the principle of the thing - someone's crept in, crapt, and crept out again, leaving what was an open line to themselves. I know it's the way of things nowadays and we're all supposed to accept it but I would just like the satisfaction of isolating the source within my machine or better still, zapping it. Very sad, I know, but it'd make an old man very happy - well, reasonably happy anyway.
Ol' Greyhair

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