Unexpected date changes in Microsoft Works 9?.

  spuds 17:25 27 Aug 2014

Opening some documents in Microsoft Works V9, I have found that the original dates on the documents have changed to the present date, with explanation. For example the document was printed on (say) 1st March 2013, its now showing today's date 27th August 2014.

The original documents were 'saved' on the day they were written, and all seems well till now. In the history, the original dates are shown, so this enables me to correct the error.

Any ideas or suggestions to what might have gone wrong, and if so, any suggestions to stop this happening again in the future?.

  alanrwood 09:59 28 Aug 2014

Are the dates actually "Fields" in the document or were they specifically typed in as text.

  spuds 10:16 28 Aug 2014


They were typed in as part of the original letter, and saved as such.

Having had a recheck, the date change error only seems to appear when the document is re-opened, what is even more stranger (to me) is the problem only seems to appear on a few documents and not all that I have checked.

  spuds 10:40 28 Aug 2014


The dates are placed as part of the worded complete document, and 'saved' as such.

On the documents that I have opened, that had a date change, I have re-inserted the original date, and even double-click on 'save', to see if this as resolved the issues. Yet to still check this out, as I want to leave it for a day or so, to see what happens (if that makes sense?).

  bumpkin 11:06 28 Aug 2014

You could try forwarding the date on your PC and see what happens. won't cure it I know but may save you waiting to see the result.

  spuds 07:51 29 Aug 2014


No, because the date is part of the saved document.

Having just done a Google search, it would appear that I have raised the same question on this forum on 26 March 2013. click here

  spuds 08:00 29 Aug 2014

I have just found an article for Works 9 and Vista that might look promising, even though its XP that I am using.

Tried posting a link, and get the message We think this is spam?.

  spuds 10:05 29 Aug 2014

Woolwell - I keep explaining that I 'typed' the date in, as part of the document.

The rest of the document remains in the same form as originally typed, the date changes to the date the document is re-opened (ie) I open the document today, and today's date appears on a old document typed some time ago.

This doesn't happen with every opened document, only a few, hence my question why this is happening, when I have apparently done nothing different to change anything?.

I hardly use Works or write letters, but recently I have had need to return to past letters for reference.

  alanrwood 10:58 29 Aug 2014

Sorry to sound like a know it all but if a date changes every time a document opens it is not just typed text, it must be an inserted field as only Fields will update in a document. Can't remember how it is done in Works as it is several years since I used it but somewhere in the options should be which when selected shows the Fields highlighted in the document. Try "shift + F9" as I seem to remember. To change the date you will have to delete the Field not just type another date into it.

There is also usually an option to "Update Fields on Open or Print" somewhere which might also help.

  spuds 11:14 29 Aug 2014

alanrwood - Any help or advice is appreciated, no matter how it may sound, so no need to feel sorry.

There's no doubt that I will need to experiment further, and perhaps try what you have suggested. The article I mentioned earlier regarding Works and Vista also seemed interesting, so I will return to that later.

What is very confusing, and something that I cannot get my head around. Is the fact that I do the same to each document I write, and make no manual changes to Works set-up, yet I have this long term problem.

I think that I will leave this for now, do some experimenting later, and then return back with any updates.

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