Unexpected appearance of "predial login screen"

  MuDelta 11:36 03 Jan 2004

This has started to appear when I go to connect to the net. When I click OK it goes away and login continues without problem. It is quite anoying. Neither my ISP (freeserve) nor Microsoft seems to know anything about it nor can I find anything in this forum about it. Why has it suddenly appeared, does it matter if I get rid of it, and if its KO to remove it, how do I do so?

  Belatucadrus 12:06 03 Jan 2004

It probably indicates that some piece of software has an automatic update facility and is trying to call home. Usual culprits are firewalls. Check to see if anything has auto update in the options screen and disable if you want.

  MuDelta 14:46 03 Jan 2004


Thanks for your message. Deep embarassment, the ofending screen is not titled as I said but is "Pre-dial Terminal Screen" It may not make a lot of difference but it upsets me when people provide duff info and I've done it this time; sorry.
Any road up, I could not find any programs set to auto update, certainly not my firewall - AVG. Any other ideas?

  woodchip 15:00 03 Jan 2004

Go to Start/Run and type MSCONFIG look in the startup tab for the Dialer and remove the tick. Also check your System with Ad-Aware and SpyBot

  Djohn 15:19 03 Jan 2004

Try tools/internet options, connections tab. Click on settings, then down near the bottom of the window that opens, under the heading "Dial-up settings". click on properties, then security tab and remove the tick from "Show terminal window".

  MuDelta 16:32 03 Jan 2004


I havn't got a Daler tab in MSCONFIG! I had already run Ad-Aware and SpyBot but I ran them again with no result.


After woodchip's message amd before yours, I reinstalled freeserve and all is sweetness and light! On looking at "Dial-up settings" I found that "Show terminal window" was unchecked, so what was the cure is uncertain but you may indeed have hit the answer!!

It all goes to show that by chnging as many variables at once may solve a problem but you never know which one did the trick!

Thanks all for your efforts. Anoother triumph for the forum.


  Djohn 17:36 03 Jan 2004

Mudelta, thank you for repling with the answer as this helps others who may have the same problem. Yes, it will have been that causing it as I tried it out myself to check. j.

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