Undo Overclocking

  Boffin Boy 21:38 03 Aug 2004

Linked to my previous thread (Problems Installing Windows) could anyone tell me if there is a way to undo overclocking, I have checked in BIOS and CMOS but cannot find an option to change the speed.(The machine has AWARD BIOS)
Can anyone help?
Thank you.

  Night Ryder 22:20 03 Aug 2004

There sould be an option somewhere in BIOS to load default or fail safe settings. This should get you back to a more stable state. What exactly is the problem when installing Windows?

  Boffin Boy 22:28 03 Aug 2004

I have already loaded default settings and this did not make any difference. When installing windows the problems are suwin and user.exe errors.

Thank you.

  BITS&BOBS 22:47 03 Aug 2004

Clearing the cmos by removing the battery and the also the power supply to the motherboard for 1 min will restore deafault settings.

  norman47 22:57 03 Aug 2004

Overclocking comes in various guises. Yes you can set things back to normal SOMETIMES by reseting the cmos, removing battery or setting it to default but this will only affect those changes originally made in the bios.

The board may have been manually overclocked. Depending on the age of the board the fsb may have increased or the multiplier settings may have been upped a notch or two to get faster performance. These settings can be a manual adjustment of jumpers on the motherboard.

If this is so you most post the make and model of the motherboard and what cpu is installed.

Because you are getting sunwin stops, have you cleaned the disk and also ran a diagnostic test on your hard drive?

  harps1h 23:06 03 Aug 2004

without knowing your setup i would suggest that it possibly more to do with the operating system rather than overclocking. i would try a reformat of your disk

  Boffin Boy 23:16 03 Aug 2004

The processor is an AMD K6. As for the motherboard, all I can find is Cyrix 6x86 AMDK5 and Cyrix 6x86 MX. On the computer the speed reads as 266MHz.

  harps1h 23:34 03 Aug 2004

are you trying to install xp?

  norman47 23:38 03 Aug 2004

What you have is either a socket7 or super socket seven motherboard with a cyrix cpu ( mx not mmx). The usual way to overclock these is to alter the fsb, via jumper on the motherboard. The default setting is 66Mhz, but they can run at 75Mhz.Look on the motherboard for a setting of probably three jumpers, if you find them you may be lucky in having a board with the settings printed below them. They used to do that all those years ago.

You may also find a row of other jumpers, these set the multiplier for the cpu. A 266Mhz clock speed cyrix should run at 66Mhz X 4 multiplier.

When post boots you will find an ID string for the bios and a selection of other numbers at the foot of this page. This should list the motherboard.

Given the facts of the cpu, I doubt this is the problem, but I have given you a lead on how to check if it has been overclocked.

  harps1h 23:40 03 Aug 2004

look at click here

it could mean your system is not up to the standards required to install xp!

  Boffin Boy 10:43 06 Aug 2004

Thank you to everybody who gave me help with this problem.
I am still trying to solve my problem.
I still do not know if processor is overclocked.
I am not trying to install winXP.
Help would still be much appreciated.

Thanks Again.

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