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  TN 15:41 02 Apr 2015

I am running Windows 7 and updated this driver: intelchipsetvistawin78ver9321014w7w7824.dbz This has caused problems with my computer (no DVD drive recognized etc) and when I tried to run system restore to 5 different restore points, none of them worked and no restoration took place. Is there anything that I can do to fix this. As the DVD drive is not showing in My Computer then I cannot run the Windows Installation Disk to carry out a repair. I should mention that when I run Bel-Arch the DVD drive is shown as being there! Any help sincerely appreciated.

  TN 16:17 02 Apr 2015

Thanks Jock1e - I checked Device Manager and get the following message - A driver (service) for this device has been disabled. An alternate driver may be providing this functionality. (Code 32) I tried to update driver but got message that driver was OK. There was something about enabling it in Registry but I didn't want to dive into registry unless I was following instructions on what to do!!

  robin_x 18:03 02 Apr 2015

You can make an iso file from the DVD with Imgburn and burn it to USB Flash with Rufus.

But for a Repair Install (In-place upgrade)you don't boot from the USB Flash.

You boot into Windows then run the setup.exe

(you could just run the W7 setup.exe from the hard drive as well. But if it goes pear shaped having the installation on Flash is safer)

  TN 20:55 02 Apr 2015

Sorry robin_x but the problem is that I don't have the DVD player/recorder working so I cannot read or copy the Windows Installation Disk. Just wish there was a simple solution - even if someone knew how to cure this error 32. I have tried uninstalling the player and letting Windows re-install it on boot up but it comes back to error 32 - no driver!!

  robin_x 23:04 02 Apr 2015

What make and model of laptop is it? What Windows Edition and version eg Home 32 bit, Pro 64 etc?


Have you checked in the Driver Properties for RollBack option?

Have you tried Uninstalling the device and rebooting?

Where did you get the problem driver from?

Manufacturer's Drivers and Download page?

  TN 09:32 03 Apr 2015

Again thanks to you all who have taken the time to help - it is a PC (not a laptop) I am running Windows 7 Professional 32 bit; could not find 'roll back' in device manager. I uninstalled the DVD Drive and re-installed it with same result unfortunately. I have no idea who the maker is as it came as part of the PC and is just a simple DVD Reader and writer. The driver came from running Driver Booster 2 but although it said there was a back up made it is no where on my computer as I've searched all files hidden and otherwise and all data folders. There is a file in Driver Booster where the back up should be but the file doesn't exist!! This problem seems to be getting worse and I think I'll have to buy and install a new DVD Player.

  onthelimit1 11:20 03 Apr 2015

Perhaps this confirms that it's unwise to use driver update software on a machine that's running perfectly OK? I would uninstall the device AND the driver software. Reboot and see if windows installs the basic DVD driver.

  robin_x 13:41 03 Apr 2015

Also see here

  lotvic 14:29 03 Apr 2015

My advice is to follow onthelimit1's post Today at 11:20AM and on reboot let Windows find the DVD drive and install basic driver.

You could also try running the MS CD/DVD Fix it tool click here

  TN 23:31 03 Apr 2015

I have managed to get system restore to work from Safe Mode - BUT it has made no difference!! The CD/DVD Hardware is showing with the sub menu showing 'ATAPIi HAS122ATA Device' When I go into Device Manager from this sub-menu I get message 'A driver (service) for this device has been disabled. An alternate driver may be providing this functionality. (Code 32)' How can I find (a) what the alternative driver is and (b) how to get the proper driver? The more I try to fix this the more puzzled I become; I am not very computer literate and am truly grateful for all the help you have offered - I've tried everything suggested but am back to square one.

  robin_x 10:19 04 Apr 2015

See my post yesterday 1.41pm


Use a 4GB min USB Flash card/drive 1]: [click here

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