Undetected HD 5450 graphics card

  tim.h 15:57 17 Dec 2011

I have just installed a Sapphire HD 5450 1GB DDR3 graphics card along with a new 500w PSU to my Vista Home edition desktop. I have uninstalled the Intel onboard graphics from device manager but the system does not recognize the new card. I have one monitor connected to the new card and one to the old VGA output but only this second is working. I have downloaded drivers and attempted to install them but there is no sign on the system of these either. The GPU manual says some cards require supplementary power and there is a very small two pin socket on the card, but I don't know what sort of connector to use. Any help or advice would be gratefully received.

  BRYNIT 17:14 17 Dec 2011

If you are saying that the you have a monitor still connected to the old VGA out put (on board card graphics) and still get a picture are you sure you have disabled it in the Bios?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:25 17 Dec 2011

Usually BIOS detcts new card and auto disables onboard graphics.

I suggest you remove and refit the card making sure it is fully inserted in the slot.

  tim.h 17:28 17 Dec 2011

I am still trying to access the BIOS, never having been there on this machine. So far I have only uninstalled the onboard graphics from device manager. I have found folders containing ATI and AMD files which presumably are the drivers but there is no catalyst software showing under START-ALL PROGRAMS.

  KRONOS the First 17:36 17 Dec 2011

You certainly did not need to uninstall the drivers for the onboard graphics. Most motherboards will automatically disable the onboard graphics when a graphics card is added.

You say that the monitor connected to the new card does not work. If you want to run two monitors they need to be connected to the new card. It sounds as though the onboard graphics is not disabled. You need to post make/model of motherboard.

As for the small 2 pin connection, that is for an aftermarket cooler which need not concern you.

  tim.h 17:51 17 Dec 2011

Motherboard is MSI MS-7267 v4.0. The BIOS is American Megatrends v17.1 dated 7/11/2007 according to SIW which shows no sign of my new card.

  KRONOS the First 18:28 17 Dec 2011

OK managed to find the user manual for your mobo,and if you have not got one get it here.Manual. As far as I can see you will need to alter the setting in the BIOS. Usually the key to be pressed is shown on one of the first screens after pushing the power button. Usually it will say press delete or whatever key to enter setup/BIOS. I am not absolutely sure that your motherboard supports your new graphics card but on the other hand it may. but you do need to alter setting in the BIOS before the card will work.

  tim.h 15:05 18 Dec 2011

Thanks Chronus, especially for the manual link. The manual says press DEL for BIOS but this only gets me to Windows Boot Manager and even on advanced options I cannot find a way into the BIOS. The screen following start up goes so fast I had to video it to catch the message. DEL for Setup and F11 for Boot menu, it says but however and whenever I hold it down I can access nothing from F11. More importantly, the manual gives a list of supported VGA cards and the one I have is not on the list. Thanks to you I have managed to update the BIOS and I know a bit more about this technology but it seems the card will be of no use to me, despite my system manufacturer, Mesh, saying that it should work. Unfortunately I did not buy it from them. I also have a shiny new, well underpowered PSU. Thanks to all for help.

  KRONOS the First 16:11 18 Dec 2011

You do not hold it down just start tapping it after you pressed the power on button. Always best to check manuals particularly for older motherboards.

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