undetected CD recorder

  griffo 13:41 15 Mar 2003

Have a MESH PC (heaven help me!) which includes a TEAC CD-W516EB CDRW, which doesn't seem to be working as anything other than a CDRom. In either NERO or Adaptec (Create CD)I am having trouble.
Adaptec says "CD Copier could not detect any supported CD Recorders".
NERO Wizard, when I select copy cd, the source drive is greyed out.

I know I should speak to MESH Tech, but they only work 9-5 weekdays, which is completely useless when one is at work away from the PC (shall never buy MESH again!). Also, they don't seem to have supplied a separate Driver CD for the TEAC (if that's the problem).

Can anyone kindly help please?

  powerless 13:50 15 Mar 2003

Is this a brand new machine? In it's infancy...

Has it always been like this?

Any new software added that might have caused this?

Take a guess your using XP so try this...

Download the newest update from click here and install it that does not work...

Start > Control Panel > System > Hardware > Device Manager > Find you CD-RW drive > Right click > Uninstall > OK...

Restart and see if that helps.

If it does not, Remove Nero from the system and reinstall. Then install the newest update again.

  powerless 13:51 15 Mar 2003

Download the newest update from click here and install it. If that does not work go to...

(what it should have been)

  powerless 13:57 15 Mar 2003
  Dumfy 14:02 15 Mar 2003

Hi Griffo,

You could also try looking at click here.

This is the update page for Roxio's Easy CD Creator. You may need to download two files from here to get your drive recognised.........the drive update and also update your Easy CD Creator to the latest version of software depending on whether you have the Platinum or Basic version.



  powerless 14:04 15 Mar 2003

Nero and Roxio?

That might be the problem running two pieces of burning software. They may conflict...

  powerless 15:33 15 Mar 2003

"machines about 1 year old - we had a HDD failure last Sept. Engineer came and replaced. I suspect it may stem back to then - I seldom use this PC (it's used by my sons) It was only when I tried to copy a CD that I discobered this problem.

I only installed Adaptec today as I though the problem might have been with NERO (also I have trouble understanding NERO and the Help Programme is rather poor).

O/S is W98 SE. Won't do anything else until you read this incase above makes differences.

Thanks for your interest. Don't know where we would be without the knowledgeable people on this site - aftersales from PC vendors is so bad!!"

Ok i would start by removing Nero and Roxio from the computer.

Go start > Control Panel > Add/Remove > Find Nero and Roxio and click the remove.

Also go to start > Search > Files or Folder > Search for "Roxio" and "Nero" (as seperate seaches) and just delete them.

Now reinstall Nero and update it to the latest version, its free at click here

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