Understanding the Potential Of IT

  kyle18uk 10:59 02 Oct 2013

Hello i am currently doing my Advanced NVQ level 3 in ICT and for my last assignment i have to answer some questions that i have now been stuck on the the past 2 days and cant make any sense out of them so was wondering if anyone can help, here is the questions:

Understanding the Potential of IT 3116

  1. Explain the potential of IT to transform data management and business processes.

  2. Explain how environmental issues can affect the use of IT in business and industry

  3. Evaluate how social and collaborative technologies are transforming business and industry

  4. Explain how technology is transforming personal and social communication and interaction.

Developing Personal and Team Effectiveness Using IT 431

  1. Tell me about when you review feedback from others on own performance and adapt behaviour where appropriate
  2. Give me an example of when you Assist others to use new IT tools and systems.


  lotvic 13:18 02 Oct 2013

Maybe you could start your understanding by reading the selling blurb of organisations/companies that provide the services. Here's an example: click here

  lotvic 13:22 02 Oct 2013

Here's another one: click here you can google for more, just try different search terms etc.

  iscanut 17:13 02 Oct 2013

Questions seem perfectly clear to me unless I am missing something.

  tullie 18:42 02 Oct 2013

Iscanut,maybe you can answer therm then?

  lotvic 23:02 02 Oct 2013

Most things are perfectly clear once you know and understand... it's that darned learning process inbetween that causes all the angst.

kyle18uk, no easy out, you'll have to research and read until it 'clicks' then you will understand enough to be able to answer the exam questions.

  iscanut 11:38 03 Oct 2013


It's not me taking the exams !

  Forum Editor 18:12 03 Oct 2013

I'm afraid that we're not here to help you to pass your exam, so I'll be closing your thread now. The questions are all pretty straighforward, and at Advanced NVQ level you should be able to deal with them on your own,with the help of a bit of online research.

Good luck with your exam.

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