Understanding network explorer icons

  robber789 16:47 30 Jun 2010

Hi guys - I wonder if you can solve a mystery for me?

If I open up 'Network' from my win 7 desktop, some of the entries have more than one icon.

e.g. HP1 (my second computer on the network) - if I click on the one that looks like a monitor, it opens a normal windows explorer screen and I can access and copy files and folders within it.

However, if I double-click any of the icons which look like something or other with a filmstrip and musical note attached, including one of my 2 NAS drives - then a Windows Media Player screen opens up, but I can't access the drive itself (so I can't copy anything to it)

This is windows 7. In Vista, all of my NAS boxes used to have 2 icons - one 'real' and one Windows Media player - but now even my vista machine has stopped showing the 'real' icons!

Have you any idea what's going on here?

Any help appreciated!


  BurrWalnut 14:34 02 Jul 2010

It could be something as simple as the shortcut being deleted from the display. Go to Network and expand Network in the left pane. If the computer is there, are the folders showing when it is expanded? If so, just drag the shortcut(s) to the main display.

Alternatively, type \\computername in the Address bar and press Enter, does that produce anything?

  robber789 16:52 02 Jul 2010


I knew this was going to end in a 'Doh!' moment.

Following your first suggestion above, they're all there - in the left pane.....

This has been bugging me for weeks - I can't express -

1. how grateful I am to you
2. how stupid I feel...

Thanks again!


  BurrWalnut 18:22 02 Jul 2010

I’m glad it worked.

As that Chris Thingy says “It’s only easy if you know the answers”.

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