under attack from trojan - is spyware doctor safe?

  morters 11:23 23 May 2010

Am under attack by something horrible - Antispyware Soft; will post details later if neccessary. In panic searched internet how to remove and found spyware doctor and downloaded/updated it. Is it saafe? Am totally paranoid and not trustingn various warning messages that keep popping up. Many prgrammmes not working because of infections.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:43 23 May 2010

Yes spyware doctor is OK but Malwarebytes click here is much better and will remove it.

Manual removal instructions click here

  morters 11:50 23 May 2010

Am in total paranoid panic - keep getting various warnings such as:

"Security Warning
Application cannot be xecuted. The file aawtray is infected. Do you want to activate your antivirus software now?"

Am clicking the "No" option because I'm suspicious.

Also getting the following:

"Antivirus software alert

Your computer is being attacked by an internet virus. It could be a password-stealing attack, a trojan - dropper or similar.
Attack from:, port 26917
Attacked port: 7615
Threat Win32/Nuqel.E
Do you want to block this attack?"

Again am selecting "No" option.

Also get a similar warning except the attack from details are different as is the attacked port. The Threat is shown as BankerFox.A.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:56 23 May 2010

Just run Malwarebytes in safe mode and delete all it finds. You are not 'under attack' and all the warnings are false.


  morters 11:59 23 May 2010

Thanks Fruit Bat /\0/\, posted additional details while you posted. Will try your suggestions but will have to log off to install. Thanks

  morters 13:08 23 May 2010

Fruit Bat /\0/\ and GANDALF <|:-)>, as far as I can see, I'm rid of this evil, evil piece of malware. I have had them before but have never had them disable programmes such as Word. When I realised this I started writing down symptoms so I could post here; I'm not exaggerating when I say I could barely write because my hand was shaking so much. To say I was terrified is an understatement. Despite the early hour, I poured myself a stiff Scotch to try and calm myself down. I cannot find words to express how relieved I am and how very, very grateful I am to both of you for helping me out. Thank you both so much for your help.

  ronalddonald 14:01 23 May 2010

now have a gin and tonic hic

  robin_x 17:08 23 May 2010

Make a note in your diary:

"When I am not too sozzled, clean my system and make a proper backup."

It is such a weight off your shoulders when you can bung in a bootable CD, wipe your hard drive, and restore, NOT to the rubbish factory settings, but your working system. I make several system restore points a day, and a system image every 2 or 3 days. Runs in background. Have a shortcut on my desktop. Some will shutdown when complete (run it when you go to bed)
Otherwise set your power options to sleep after 2-4 hrs. Reboot in the morning, if you want or just wake the PC up.

My W7 Windows image takes about an hour (backup and restore)
Factory Reset takes 4 bloody hours! What on earth is it doing?

(external HDD is recommended £50 or divvy up your existing one with an extra partition).

1. Anti Virus up to date?
2. Run Malwarebytes/Superantispyware
3. I can make one Windows Image
%SystemRoot%\System32\control.exe /name Microsoft.BackupAndRestore

Havent't tried with EASEUS Todo yet. I want to make more.

Also see Acronis True Image Not free), Seagate DiscWizard (one of your drives must be Seagate), Partition Wizard, cCleaner

All available from various sites and cnet.com/Windows.

"Spring has sprung, the Ash is Riz. Wonder where my backups iz.

  robin_x 17:14 23 May 2010

Oh forgot the crux...

When confronted by an unexpected pop up...

Do not click Cancel/No/Check/Later etc or even the X

Ctrl-Alt-Del to Task Manager.

If you see the application, right click and "Go to Process". Terminate it.

Or scan the processes anyway for likely suspects.
Careful you don't stop a friendly one.
If not sure, leave everything open, unclicked and Google what process you are unsure about.

Have fun. It's not too difficult when you get in the routine.

  morters 16:07 27 May 2010

robinofloxley, forgive my apparent rudeness for not thanking you for what looks like very sound advice - I had not expected any more responses to my thread.

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