Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender

  Salut 09:09 12 Jan 2006

I am experiencing problems (previously unknown) of sending emails to colleagues who use ntlworld.com.

The autoreturn states 'for further assistance, please send mailt to postmaster>

Who and what is this postmaster and how do I make contact?

I use outlook express/Wanadoo broadband.

  octal 09:32 12 Jan 2006

I'm not sure what thread you want people to answer on, this one? Or this one? click here

  Salut 09:36 12 Jan 2006

I have placed the two queires, though they are related, may have separate approaches to the answers.

  jack 09:39 12 Jan 2006

Plese click your earlier thread as resolved so that we are not running incircles here.

The only reasons mail is 'bounced' is the intended recipi ent asddress is supended or no longer used.
or as is more likely in your case

The address is incorrect/corrupt in some way.

Carefully examine each affected address and ensure that no extra characters have been aquired or dropped.
Some client/addressbooks [Thunderbird for an example] can add a < or > at the biginning or end of an address and if that has happened it will bounce
The time to check is when it is in the address line of the mail and ready to go

  jack 09:43 12 Jan 2006

Also this might give a clue
click here

  Salut 09:47 12 Jan 2006

The address files are correct.

All nine of my ntlworld contacts are not receiving mail and this has only begun since the beginning of this year.

  Sharpamatt 10:57 12 Jan 2006

If you have 9 contacts, who are all receiving no email at all, then the problem is either the ISP or their settings.

untill tey get this sorted our, your mail will not get to them

  Salut 11:06 12 Jan 2006

Thanks for all your comments-emails are not getting through but colleagues have started contacts with NTL...

  jack 14:24 12 Jan 2006

Re consdiering this.
If it is the case that the friend concerned are all NTL based , does this infer that other mails you send to other ISP's based contacts are goimg through?
If so then I suggest also that something at NTL has indded changed.
Contact your freids by telephone and aske then to send you a mail amd marked current address.
Then add this to your address book and delete all previous.

  woodchip 14:35 12 Jan 2006

Is Mailbox may also be full

  pj123 15:16 12 Jan 2006

I also have a few people who send me emails on my NTL email address which I don't get. (mainly it seems, always from AOL)

I have a Hotmail email address and my own domain email address. Both the Hotmail and Domain email addresses have been setup to receive any email sent to my NTL address.

So, generally, I get the same email 3 times but in the case of someone who sends to my NTL address only I do get it on Hotmail. For example if anyone responds to a thread I have started I normally get 3 notifications of any response.

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