undeliverable emails which I haven't sent

  aberfal 10:37 17 Apr 2006

For the past few days I have received about two dozen notifications of undeliverable emails which I have not sent. They all seem to be associated with my personal web site. I used to have my contact email address on the web site but I have now removed it. Can anyone suggext what I can do .

  Taff™ 10:40 17 Apr 2006

Sounds like your e-mail address has been cloned for spam purposes. Don`t think there`s much you can do about that. If you need your e-mail address on your website put it there as an image not text. This should prevent bot`s being able to harvest it for malicious purposes.

  Graham ® 10:43 17 Apr 2006

Brilliant! I'm off to make an image for mine!

  Taff™ 11:07 17 Apr 2006

click here for another thread currently running. Follow the link in the second post for a perfect explanation.

  aberfal 17:24 18 Apr 2006

Thanks Taff, think I'll leave my email address off the web site for a few months at least. If I do put it back, i'll take your advice and put it as an image. I had another 30 such emails today. Two came in whilst I was reading your response.I'll try blocking them, but I am not sure if they have a common identifiable address.

  Sirpad 18:08 18 Apr 2006

I too have been getting a lot of notifications of undeliverable emails the past few days. Most of them have attachments that are obviously bogus. Whatever you do, do not attempt to open these attachments. It will probably taper off after a few days.

  aberfal 13:12 21 May 2006

I am still receiving undeliverable email messages, although not quite as many.I have not added the senders to my blocked list as they do not have a common address. I have not received any complaints from any of my addressees, so I am treating it as a nuisance rather than as a major problem. I was relieved to find that others have experienced the same problem. I hope that it will go away eventually.Incidentally, I did contact my ISP who were not interested as the messages did not appear to be coming from their subscribers!
Many thanks to all who have responded.
Vic Bunting

  Forum Editor 13:19 21 May 2006

and have been for several weeks past. It's a question of sitting it out I'm afraid - the flood of returned mail will eventually subside; mine is already beginning to tail off.

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