Undeliverable Email

  redbarron 17:13 12 Nov 2011

Why is it I can send two particular family emails through my desktop PC yet when my wife sends them via her laptop they get returned as undeliverable. We have checked and double checked that the addresses are correct. And even when she receives the email and does a reply they still get returned.

The strange thing is it only happens with these two particular emails.

She has Window 7 installed on her laptop and has a wireless internet connection which is shared via my router.

Any help appreciated thank you

  lotvic 18:22 12 Nov 2011

What reason does it say for them being 'undeliverable'?

If you do a copy & paste of the message, edit out the first part of email addresses with xxxx 'cos you don't want the world to know them.

  redbarron 15:27 17 Nov 2011

All now working OK. The problem was in account settings. I needed to do two things.

  1. Tick the SMPT Authorisation box
  2. Put in the return email address in the incoming box, although I think option 1 was more relevent.

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