undeleteable file

  Muzziad 09:07 17 Jun 2003

I have a video file (a music video trailer) downloaded from a legit site before you ask, that i simply cannot seem to delete.
Every time i try i get the 'in use by another program' message. I've tried shutting everything down and then deleting, but still get the message. I've tried rebooting and deleting on restart but same thing. I can't rename, cut and paste, copy and paste, or get 'properties' info on right-click. Infact i can't do anything with it.

I've virus scanned it and AVG says it's clean. Does anyone know how i can delete it permanently?

I am running WinXP Home.

  OK Computer 09:11 17 Jun 2003

Try click here

Its a well known problem

  OK Computer 09:14 17 Jun 2003

click here might be better

  JoeC 09:17 17 Jun 2003

in Safe Mode.

  GroupFC 09:27 17 Jun 2003

I knew I had seen this problem before!

It appears to be a particular prblem iwth video files (something to do with the size of them), see this thread click here and see if this helps.

  GroupFC 09:29 17 Jun 2003

What awful spelling/typing the brain obviously works quicker than the fingers!

  Foolsbane_1 12:18 17 Jun 2003
  OK Computer 12:35 17 Jun 2003


Interesting one that. It?s a shame (and tell me if im wrong) that you have to reboot your pc for the deletion to complete.

Thing is I have a user who has scheduled task running and therefore leaves his PC locked and rarely re-boots, hence this isn?t ideal for me.

  Foolsbane_1 12:47 17 Jun 2003

[email protected] does move/delete the file on reboot but this does not have to be done immediately. Once the file is 'marked' it will be dealt with next time the computer is rebooted, whenever that might be.

  OK Computer 13:44 17 Jun 2003

Its a definite work around but as I said for a user who cannot reboot it doesnt really help. But for the original post and many other posts spotted around the internet this would be very helpful.

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