Undefined Problems with XP home

  Qdiddy 18:52 03 Nov 2004

First the system bits:

XP Home SP2, AMD Athlon 1200, 256ram, ADSL modem, Sygate, AVG, Adaware, Spybot, and S are all installed.

It started on Sunday night when the XP theme changed to the Windows standard theme for no apparent reason, then the system started to freeze up on me. I ran a virus check overnight, but no change. I realised that I hadn't run Adaware and his friends for a while so updated the definition files and ran all of them.

Loads of things found so I just fixed, cleaned, all of them by pressing the appropriate buttons.

System now seems to take forever to load up everything in the tray and IE6 will not start at all. Occassionally I can check email (outlook) but then within minutes the whole thing stops and refuses to work.

Tried to start in safeboot, but I just get a list of windows files and system starts normally (or so it seems, as I have never had to start in safeboot in XP before so I am expecting it to look a bit like it does in W98..could be wrong)

Have tried holding the shift key while starting to keep the tray from loading (does this work in XP) but everything still tries to load (but so slowly)

Can't get online to download any of the utilities I've seen on previous threads (e.g hijack this) so could do with some real help here. (p.s. using work laptop, to write this so will not be able to download from here either)

  hugh-265156 19:10 03 Nov 2004

when you start up in safe mode using F8 as soon as the desktop loads it says 'safe mode' in the corners of the screen. if all is well here then try this:

click 'start/run' and type 'msconfig' and click ok. next click the 'start up' tab, make a note of what is listed and then untick everything and restart normally. ignore the warning and tick dont show again.

if everything is ok now go back and tick one at a time and restart each time to try and find the culpret maybe. all i have starting with windows is my AV and firewall.

  hugh-265156 19:12 03 Nov 2004

or you could try selecting 'last known good configuration' from the list.

  Qdiddy 19:19 03 Nov 2004

have tried "last known good config" and every other option. Are you saying the when starting in safe mode, I won't see a noticeable difference in how the desktop looks?

  hugh-265156 19:30 03 Nov 2004

it depends. if you only use 800x600 @60hz in normal mode then no you wont notice any difference in safe mode because this is what it uses. if on the other hand you normally use a higher resolution @85hz then you should notice a big difference.

  hugh-265156 19:31 03 Nov 2004

ps. have you tried system restore to a date you knew all was well?

  Qdiddy 19:31 03 Nov 2004

Something new now! On the last reboot (not got as far as msconfig yet), there is a small window open (sygate icon on taskbar) with the following message:

"get_EnumEveryConnection" and an OK button.

Whilst writing this a windows error report has opened with "Generic Host Process for Win32 services encountered a problem....." What does this do and could be causing my problems?

  Qdiddy 19:34 03 Nov 2004

Have tried system restore, but the problem still exists. I suspect problem has something to do with Generic Host Process?

  hugh-265156 19:45 03 Nov 2004

click here

Generic Host Process is click here sometimes spyware can pretend to be this service.

i have no idea sorry hope the info helps a bit.

  hugh-265156 19:49 03 Nov 2004

try this if you can boot into windows at all, even safe mode:

click 'start/control panel/administrative tools/event viewer' then click the 'system' and 'application' tobs and look for errors listed with a red x. click them for more info. see if anything regarding svchost is listed here maybe.

  Qdiddy 20:05 03 Nov 2004

I've got the event viewer open and there are two app errors, both refer to rasmans.dll

I've googled this but not found much that I understand.

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