Uncontrollable windows

  Jeff-189932 17:49 25 Aug 2007

Hi Folks

I am having big problems with something which sounds a bit similar to a "window shake / bounce" problem that some Firefox users have been affected by, but I am struggling when doing other things offline as well. I have Windows XP and the problem might (possibly ??) be due to upgrading from Firefox 1 to 2 ... or possibly due to installing VLC media player.

With Firefox and Internet Explorer, web pages are scrolling themselves up and down uncontrollably, making it difficult even to click on a link. This happens when viewing a saved page offline as well. To keep the page still, I have to click on the Taskbar or make another window "active".

The same thing happens when I view any folder that contains enough items to require a scroll bar. Right-clicking in the window stops the erratic scrolling. Notepad and WordPad are suffering the same problem.

The Start Menu is not always reliable...items don't always remain highlighted and selectable.

In Windows Picture and Fax Viewer....images are resizing themselves randomly (sometimes Very rapidly). The same is happening in Paint Shop Pro 7, making it practically impossible to edit images.

Dialog boxes for altering settings etc are also misbehaving. Where it is usually possible to select or set values, the values are trying to adjust themselves randomly, and in drop-down lists selections are trying to change themselves too.

These things all seem to be happening only in a window which is currently active. The only things that seem to be unaffected are the Media Players, which all appear to be fine.

Hope someone can advise me how to get this machine back under (my) control :)

  woodchip 17:52 25 Aug 2007

Try running System Restore to before your updating, then do one at a time to find the Culprit

  skidzy 23:06 25 Aug 2007

Or try the system file checker.

Start/Run and type
SFC /SCANNOW (note the space /)
and enter.

Understanding SFC click here

  Jeff-189932 02:58 28 Aug 2007

Thanks for the replies:)

I ran system file checker - it was taking a while so I left it running - when I checked back it appeared to have finished but there was no dialog box with any results. So I'm not sure if that means that nothing nasty was found.

I have uninstalled Firefox and used System Restore. I'm still getting the odd "wobble" occasionally, but at least I have a usable machine again. I might try restoring again from an earlier restore point and will have to try to find out more about the problems that Firefox was causing others.... I would really like to reinstall it because I like it much more than IE .

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