Unclear about "wireless" laptop?

  Simsy 12:29 01 Feb 2007


I'm helping out a pal who's recently bought a laptop that's "wifi enabled". I'm afraid I can't recall the model number right now, but it's an Asus and he paid about £630 in about October...

I'm trying to get him set up on the internet, and we're having problems... but that's not why I'm here...

Am I right in thinking that because the laptop is "wifi enabled" that this means it is ready to go, in hardware terms, or does it still need an actual antenae to tx/rx?

(It's XP home it runs on, and though I haven't got into it yet, there is some kind of "wireless" wizard icon in the system tray.)

The wireless modem/router that he's got from his isp includes a USB dongle, but I think he doesn't need that, and the helpline for the isp agrees. Reading the manual it's not clear to me. I'm assuming that either there is a built in aerial, or the case acts as one?

I realise that this is a bit vague, but as someone who knows nowt about laptops I'm in the dark rather.

I should perhaps point out that this is not related to the unable to connect problem... we can't connect using ethernet either! I'm just looking ahead to what I expect will become the next issue when we have the connection issue sorted!

Thanks in anticipation,



  PaulB2005 14:51 01 Feb 2007

The antenna is built in, however it may not be switched on. Check the manual.

  Simsy 15:50 01 Feb 2007

I suspected as much.
I don't have access to it at the moment.
I'll check when Ican.




  Ashrich 19:54 01 Feb 2007

The internal aerial connects in two places to the Mini Pci wireless card inside the laptop , the wires then get routed through the innards and up either side of the screen .


  Simsy 20:15 01 Feb 2007



  dms05 21:09 01 Feb 2007

Does the laptop have a switch to turn the WiFi on? If it does then you should just need to switch it on. It's worth checking in Network Connections to see if the WiFi card is *enabled* - if it isn't then highlight the connection and select enable from the left panel. WiFi enabled laptops tend to just need the WiFi turning on, waiting for the Network Found signal and selecting to see the local wireless networks available. Then select your own and if you've encrypted at the Router you will be asked to enter the encryption key.

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