Uncertain about LapTop Bios upgrade

  Thonord 15:11 16 Mar 2011

I have a PB EasyNote Argo C. Prod. ID# PB77QD0291.
I wish to upgrade my Bios from v.0.14 (2006).
I can not find my PC on PB's site.
My motherboard is MZ35 (Everest tells me so)
There is an EasyNote MZ35, but not on PB's site.
Nowhere on my laptop does it say MZ35
I have found a Bios upgrade for PB MZ35.

I am tempted to run it, I know that nothing happens if I mess up the Bios - for ever and ever and evermore. And I don't really need a new laptop. (need being synonimous with "can't afford").

How do I confirm that the upgrade is the correct one for a PB Easynote Argo c which happens to have a MZ35 motherboard?

  Procrastinus 15:35 16 Mar 2011

If your computer is not working, you have nothing to lose; if it is working you have your computer to lose!
From what I have heard - if it ain't broke, don't fix it.
Good Luck

  Ventad 15:41 16 Mar 2011

I have a laptop running W7 64bit, a Toshiba saterlite L500 and quite often after I first got it (a year ago) I was getting new upgrade notifications from Toshiba saying that there was a BIOS upgrade available and flashed the new upgrade with no ill effects.

  Mr Mistoffelees 16:00 16 Mar 2011

Although there is a good chance that, like Ventad, you could flash your BIOS and all will be well, it really is best to leave it well alone.

  Thonord 16:27 16 Mar 2011

├četa: It has been reccomended by an old friend. His philosophy is that "if no upgrade required - no upgrade will be made".

608: I totally disagree with the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" mentality. There is such a thing as Preventive maintenance.

ventad: If I got the bios upgrade from PB, then I would not hesitate. As it is - I found it on the internet and it is "not" for my laptop.

Mr Mistoffelees: Its my preventive maintenance philosophy, but I'm not going to upgrade before I'm sure its the correct upgrade.

Which leads me back to my actual question:
"How do I confirm that the upgrade is the correct one for a PB Easynote Argo c which happens to have a MZ35 motherboard?"

  mooly 17:22 16 Mar 2011

There are countless tales of woe of BIOS updates failing for various reasons on may forums...

The fact that YOU are unsure it's the correct update should be enough warning. That puts you in a similar position to all those that thought it would be a idea to flash the BIOS but ended up with a door stop instead.

Unless the manufacturer can confirm the update applies specifically to your model then I wouldn't risk it.

  961 17:43 16 Mar 2011

Your old friend suggests that if no upgrade is required no upgrade will be made. That's not right. The upgrade will be applied and if it's the wrong one.....oooops! New Lappy!

Can I respectfully suggest that flashing the BIOS unless there is some really essential reason for doing so is basically a no no

Preventive maintenance does not apply here. If your laptop is not doing something that you want to do that a later BIOS will sort for you then it may be right to consider doing it

If you look through the versions of the BIOS that apply to your laptop you'll be able to see what each upgrade does. Unless you are going to find a striking benefit that you have needed, then PLEASE, leave well alone

Unless, of course you are really after buying a new laptop

Flashing the BIOS is a risky business unless you have uninterruptible power supply and are absolutely sure you have the correct upgrade for your BIOS

Said above..If it ain't broke......

  Thonord 18:04 16 Mar 2011

961: I have only minor problems today, primarely with USB and .NET "based" drivers. Old Coms objects work fine - so I use then instead. If I can solve this, it comes in under my definition of "PM".

I would love to ask PB about this, but they won't let me get that far cuz They don't seem to recognize my laptop.

I'm not worried about UPS. Its a laptop, it has a battery - and should power fail and the update take more than 1 Hr. I'll just fire up a small Honda genny.

  Mr Mistoffelees 23:31 16 Mar 2011

Nothing wrong with preventative maintenance but, make an exception for the BIOS, unless you really have to to make the laptop work properly.

  961 08:31 17 Mar 2011

If the power fails during flashing the BIOS that's it. No going back for a second try

  Thonord 10:09 17 Mar 2011

Thanks for input everybody. I will not flash my bios until I'm sure until I know I have the right upgrade.

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