Uncapped broadband >512k <£27.99 a month

  paradiddle1984 19:54 26 Apr 2005

im currently on zen adsl which is your typical 512/256 connection. I would like to upgrade to at least a meg uncapped. Anyone know of any internet providers who could do this for 27.99 a month or less? NTL is not an option because there is no coverage here!!!

  selfbuild 20:04 26 Apr 2005

PlusNet are uncapped... they are planning on using contension ratio instead.... and i'm paying at present £22.99 for 512K which hopefully will be going upto 2Mb when the free upgrades kick in......

"Following our recent announcements about the implementation of the proposed fair usage system, we have taken the decision not to implement fair usage. This decision is in no small part due to the changing broadband market and the requirement to ensure that a minority of customers does not continue to impact the experience for the majority.

Withdrawing the fair usage system is not a decision that has been taken lightly and alternatives have been in consideration for some time. We believe that the way to move forward is by continuing to manage our broadband service through contention."

  sinbad1 20:07 26 Apr 2005

i have 2m wireless conection to a boat from pipex
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  absent 21:07 26 Apr 2005

I am with plusnet paying £21.99 pm was on 512m but am now upgraded to 2mb uncapped, 30:1 contention.No complaints from me.

  pj123 21:19 26 Apr 2005

Talk to AOL. I have just been offered their Gold 1mb for £19.99 for the first 12 months, after that goes to £24.99. All uncapped and, of course, their Help Line is a freephone number.

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  Thatslife 21:21 26 Apr 2005

If no NTL no Telewest either??

I've just had a 'free' upgrade to 512 and pay 14.99 with telewest blueyonder.

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