Uncached speed query

  TommyRed 16:25 03 Oct 2003

According to PC Pitstop my C drive was unusually slow with an uncached speed of 1.74 MB/s which is 54% slower than other similar systems they've checked. I've now defragged succesfully and was wondering what else I could do. This was the test after defragging BTW. My OS is 98SE. Thanks TR

  TommyRed 19:27 03 Oct 2003


  VoG II 19:29 03 Oct 2003

According to PCPitstop I have exactly the same problem as you!

Except that my 'puter is running just dandy.

Draw your own conclusions ;o)

  TommyRed 21:46 03 Oct 2003

Yeah, mines running ok too, but don't you just wonder if it'll be faster after the tweaks they say? TR

  DieSse 22:42 03 Oct 2003

"... but don't you just wonder if it'll be faster after the tweaks they say"


Just make sure you've got the latest relevant motherboard drivers, that you don't have any wrong settings in the BIOS, and then leave well alone.

  TommyRed 23:44 03 Oct 2003

I can check motherboard drivers but what about BIOS settings? enlighten me. TR

  DieSse 00:00 04 Oct 2003

"but what about BIOS settings"

Read the motherboard manual for what the settings do. The default settings are nearly always the best ones to use.

  TommyRed 14:44 04 Oct 2003

Haven't got a motherboard manual, got given the PC like that, no disks, nada. Have eventually got round to taking an image of the drive, just in case. Even though it's not really resolved I'm going to tick it anyway, cos' I'm not going to change any BIOS settings. If it aint broke don't fix it. TR

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