Unbranded Digital Camera - Lost Driver

  Air1 08:18 30 May 2003

I own a completely unbranded digital camera bought from Maplin about 18 months ago. Having recently rebuilt my computer, I can't find the driver disk and have no brand or model to reference when looking for drivers. Can anyone come up with some ideas that I may be able to try to get this thing connected again. It uses a Smart Media card, so I guess I could get a card reader, but the amount I use it doesn't really warrant further expense. My PC has Win 98 SR2 and the camera connects via a serial lead, not USB.
Any ideas would be most appreciated....

  -pops- 08:23 30 May 2003

"Can anyone come up with some ideas"

Yes, enquire of Maplin.


  PA28 08:39 30 May 2003

If it's a serial connection, uploading must be painfully slow. A card reader wouldn't cost the earth (about £10) and may be the best answer if Maplin can't help. Personally I think I'd either forget it or buy a new camera............. :-)

  -pops- 08:53 30 May 2003

My suggestion about trying Maplin was serious. They are normally very helpful and if there is a Maplin shop near you, I suggest to enquire there. They may not know the answer straight away but they know which bit of head office to contact!

  pj123 10:50 30 May 2003

I would go for a card reader like PA28 suggests. So much easier than connecting and disconnecting the camera every time. The card reader can be left connected all the time. The added advantage, of course, is that you can use the card as an extra disk drive as well for storing or transferring files as well. A multi-card reader may be a better bet, if you change your camera in the future for one that is not smartmedia.

  woodchip 11:11 30 May 2003

There should be some kind of label on the camera with info, we need that to help

  Mango Grummit 14:35 30 May 2003

When you get sorted if you get WinDrivers Backup from click here you can collect all your drivers to one place for future use. Never have to go searching for discs and wotnot again. Very useful bit of kit to have.

  -pops- 14:57 30 May 2003

Thanks very much for that link. Deserves to be much better known. Downloaded it and got all my drivers together in a folder on my backup hard drive now.



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