Unbearable persistence of unwanted fonts

  [DELETED] 17:42 21 May 2006

I have some unwanted fonts on my Windows XP system. When I try to uninstall them, they reinstall themselves into the Fonts folder after a short delay. I have removed the 'archive' attribute from the files, but the reincarnated files put the attribute back. The fonts are not system files and not linked to any program or system on my computer. The fonts are the Franklin Gothic Medium series by ITC.

What's going on here?

  [DELETED] 18:12 21 May 2006

Don't know about XP but I have about 950 fonts on my Win 98SE system.

Most of them I don't use and probably never will.

I just move them to another folder (Old Fonts) and they then don't load at startup.

Give that a try instead of trying to delete them.

  [DELETED] 18:24 21 May 2006

Thanks pj123. I have a font manager on my PC which moves files to a holding folder, but even that can't get rid of these pesky fonts. Whether I move or delete them, they pop right back into the fonts list. I only want and need Adobe fonts and I resent the intrusion of these poor quality fonts, harmless though they are!

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