Unassociated Shortcut Icon

  dismayed 14:08 28 Feb 2004

I have an Icon on my Desktop which isn't associated to a program,can anyone tell me how to find out what program it should be associated with, please!

  Itwillblowyourmind 14:29 28 Feb 2004

What is the Icon of.....

  dismayed 14:36 28 Feb 2004

Just the Microsoft Windows icon.

  Stuartli 15:08 28 Feb 2004

Just right click on it and delete...

If you do find you need it Restore from Recycle Bin.

  dismayed 13:38 29 Feb 2004

I am trying to avoid deleting it until I can find out what it is. As you say it could be something that I need, but until I can find out prciselt what it is I am not deleting it.

  Stuartli 13:42 29 Feb 2004

It's only a shortcut anyway - you won't delete whatever it links to (if anything).

Right click on the icon and see what's in its Properties re Target.

It could have been placed on the Desktop in error whilst using the mouse; happens more often than you might think.

  Chegs ® 13:43 29 Feb 2004

Try holding down shift and right-click.Then select Open With... and open it with notepad.Most of it will be goobldegook but it might have something legible stating the prog it belongs to.I just tried it with a few of my desktop shortcuts and had the original progs name in them.

  dismayed 13:56 29 Feb 2004

Have already tried to open in Notepad, but the file is too large for that, so had to use Wordpad. Unfortunately, nothing legible is shown, it all seems to be in some sort of machine code.

  Stuartli 14:03 29 Feb 2004

Selecting Properties, as I said, after right clicking the Desktop icon will provide the name and path of whatever it is associated with (or otherwise)...

  Chegs ® 14:06 29 Feb 2004

If its to large for Notepad(bloomin big shortcut!)and wordpad will show you its contents,then you have little choice but to go thru it in full.You will have lines of

L  À F™   PàOÐ ê:i¢Ø +00? /C:\ N 1  Program Files 2   ï¾  P r o g r a m F i l e s N 1  Avant Browser 2   ï¾  A v a n t B r o w s e r L 2 iexplore.exe 0   ï¾  i e x p l o r e . e x e 1 . . \ . . \ . . \ P r o g r a m F i l e s \ A v a n t B r o w s e r \ i e x p l o r e . e x e $ C : \ P r o g r a m F i l e s \ A v a n t B r o w s e r \ S k i n s    & {

but as can be seen in here,its "Avant Browser 2"

I had to go thru a 10Mb app in Word,before I finally sussed it was actually a Linux file. ;-)

  dismayed 14:57 29 Feb 2004

Chegs, Yep! It is a blooming big one!

Stuarli, afraid it's otherwise. I have tried right clicking then selesting properties, but then I get the list box of programmes to associate it with. As I do not know which program to associate it with, I am loathe to try each individual one in case it causes problems as I don't know how it appeared on the Desktop in the first place.

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