Unallocated space and unwanted partition

  FatboySlim71 10:52 30 Sep 2008

I have just purchased a laptop that came with Vista Premium, I have created the recovery disks and I have also created a full image taken with Acronis TI 11.

The laptop has a 250GB hard drive, it has the following partitions, C: which is called Vista and another called D: Data, the partition called Data has the recovery partition on and as I mentioned earlier, I have taken a full backup with Acronis and also created the recovery disks, so I want to basically use the space that the D: Data partition uses and add this to the C: Vista partition.

Also when I go into Disk Management, I have the following,

1.47GB Unallocated Space

116.29GB C: Vista

57.69GB D: Data

57.45GB Unallocated Space

Now what I am wanting to do is to use the space from the D partition, and the two unallocated spaces that I mentioned above, and add all this to the C: Vista partition and thus giving me the 250GB (I know it will be less than this). I was wondering how I will be able to do this without formating and losing the programs I have put on so far.

I also have Acronis Disk Director if this would would make what I am wanting to do easier.

  mgmcc 11:10 30 Sep 2008

Provided you don't need to retain any data on "D" drive (or have it securely backed up), you should be able to delete the "D" partition in Disk Management, so that you then have 57.69GB plus 57.45GB of Unallocated Space.

If you now right click your "C" drive in Disk management, you should be able to "Extend Volume", so that it takes in the Unallocated Space.

  FatboySlim71 11:34 30 Sep 2008

Thanks mgmcc for the help. I have deleted the D: Data partition. I tried extending the C drive and it now shows in My Computer that I have 204GB free out of 231GB. So it would appear with your help I have relocated the unallocated space back on to the C drive.

Also if I go into Disk Manager now, I have the following shown:

Disk 0:
C: Vista 231.42 GB

1.47 GB Unallocated Space.

Thanks you so much for your help, I have been trying to do this since last night. I really appreciate your help mgmcc.

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