Unallocated Space on Hard drive

  Thomo1 08:14 20 Nov 2004

In disk management something confuses me.

It says that my primary partiton is 7.83GB but i have 30.43GB UNALLOCATED space.

Is this a major problem as ive looked on freinds computers and they all have 1 full primary partiton.

Please help.

  dan 11 08:39 20 Nov 2004

Have you not formated the un-allocated space from your previous post. click here

  dan 11 09:25 20 Nov 2004

The unallocated space on the right should be the same as yours, but there is an extra d drive in mine. click here

Right click the drive and select new partition.click here

This will start the wizard. click here

select new primary partition. click here

Use the drop down box to pick either NTFS or fat32. click here

This will give you the option of useing the remainder of the disk, yours should show 30,000+. click here

Then it will format the drive and you can use it.

  Thomo1 18:11 20 Nov 2004

thanks dan youve been a great help m8.

Before i proceed to complete the wizard it comes up a page, after selecting the primary partiton, where it says "assign drive letter or path". It is default on my computer to drive "E". is it correct to leave it at that or choose the option where it says do not assign a drive letter or drive path.

On the drop down screen for file system, on my computer it comes up:

Allocation unit size : Default
Volume label: New label
Perform a quick format option is un-checked.
Is this all correct as this is the only screen stopping me from completing the wizard.

cheers m8, Thomo

  dan 11 21:20 20 Nov 2004

The drive letter; Yes assign a letter for the drive.

You can pick the default (E) or select any from the drop down box. It will list most letters all the way to Z except for the letters already used.

Allocation unit size.

Yes. You can either pick the normal format ( 5 - 10 minutes ) or the quick format ( 30-60 seconds) because the partitioned area of the disk has not been used before.

  Thomo1 10:26 21 Nov 2004

all done dan, thanks very much.

Just a quicky tho, y was the C: partitoned anyway to such small amount??


  dan 11 15:05 21 Nov 2004

Well you have a bit of spare space to play with now.:-)

Quote; "Just a quickly tho, y was the C: partitioned anyway to such small amount?? "

That depends on the personal preference of the person who built the machine, I don't know if it is a self build one or a shop bought one. The size of 7.83gig( probably originally sized at 8gig ) suggests either it original had 98 or ME as an operating system or the person who built the machine thought that 8gig was sufficient for XP and installed programmes. The remainder being used for storage.

Well done for getting through the wizard, the prompts the wizard give you are usually the best options to take, unless you wanted the remainder of the hard drive split in to smaller segments.

  Thomo1 17:14 21 Nov 2004

cheers dan.

The computer was originally built with ME.
It was my Step-bro and i brought it from him after my computer died and i needed 1 urgently.

Thing is tho, XP was installed onto the system by my step-bro friends without his permission. (We were in spain).
It doesnt look like every1 elses XP PRO tho. My layout is the old ME layout.

By this i mean my internet page loading bar is the old block colour rather than the XP green segmants. My toolbars are in the old style not the XP one, especially the -, min/max and the x buttons in the top right. They are not in the colour bubble version that XP seems to be.

I cannot get windows updates, an error message appears, and i cannot install SP2 cuz of the same error message.

It makes me think that either this copy heaven forbin is a pirate copy (i have no XP disk), or it just is not installed properly and that is why i have so many niggly problems(see wad of threads just about to post).
I keep putting off these probs, but now i have found this forum maybe some1 can help me through them or around them.


(I cant wait until next Sep when im off to do a computer maintenance and repairs course).

  dan 11 20:24 21 Nov 2004

Ah yes you may be right.

Try this to change the style. Right click the green start button and choose properties. Now has the start menu got a dot in it or has the classic start menu got a dot in it? It should be the start menu. Also go to control panel and switch to category view. Is there any difference.

If you can not download any windows updates or SP2. Then you may have a pirate copy, lots of people do, knowingly or the have been hoodwinked into them. Download everest home edition click here and check the operating system tab. Under product key, this will give you the 25 digit code number for version of XP. The most famous pirated copy of XP corporate starts with FCKGW-. If yours starts with that then the chances are very high it is a pirate copy, but don't worry they are hundreds, if not thousands of this copy around and many unfortunate people have been conned into getting a PC with this installed.

  Thomo1 13:31 22 Nov 2004

Dan, ive changed my screen layout now. In display properties Windows Classic was selected instead of windows XP. thanks for that.

Also the dreaded piracy fears have come true!!!
I downloaded that prog u linked above and guess what............Product key begins with FCKGW.
Breaking the law from my own living room......makes me feel really comfortable!!! I think its time to go get a legit XP copy as i dont want to get into trouble!!

Thanks for your help again m8.

  dan 11 21:53 22 Nov 2004

Don't worry to much over been conned with the er pirated copy, you join a long list of others. If Mr Biull Gates comes knocking on your door, I estimate that your turn will be December 2068. lol

Buy a new copy of XP when you can afford one, not your fault you have been lumbered with a cheap copy, then you will be able to get the updates most of us take for granted.

Take care dan 11

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