Unallocated partiton problem

  daveac41 10:52 19 Mar 2011

I have reduced an overlarge C-drive partiton, and am left with a partition unallocated. I want to use this, but both Easeus Partition Master & Computer management in WXP seem not to recognise it, i.e.instructions greyed out.
What am i doing wrong, please??

  robin_x 11:01 19 Mar 2011

Try Partition Wizard or Paragon Partition Manager or make a boot CD/DVD for Ultimate Boot CD (Linux Parted Magic).

I have EASEUS as well and often have same problems with all of these utils, requiring a switch to one of the others.

click here;1
click here
click here

  daveac41 23:56 19 Mar 2011

Thanks for those robinofloxley. But I still have the problem. Each time I try - the new partition says unallocated and nothing recognises it.
I've tried re-attaching and re-detaching yhe prpoposed new partition on each of those programs but to no avail.

  BRYNIT 00:08 20 Mar 2011

How big is this unallocated space?

  rdave13 01:07 20 Mar 2011

Try formatting it to ntfs. click here

  daveac41 08:57 20 Mar 2011

The partition is 26GB - I can't convert it as I can't give it a letter - which is my problem...
It is part of a 4-partition disc - they say one cant have more than four partitions on a disc - but I've done that before when initially setting up a new disc.

  robin_x 10:10 20 Mar 2011

Just practiced on my main HDD with Partition Wizard.

I have 3 Primary and 2 logical partitions (all NTFS)
and just made 500MB unallocated at the end with. (did not apply changes for this exercise)

Right click Unallocated. Everything is greyed out except 'Create'. Which is what you want and allocates a letter too.

Do you not see the same?

In any of these, if you get to the stage of having done something, you have to click Apply afterwards.

If not, I don't know how to help. Sorry.

  Jollyjohn 10:17 20 Mar 2011

You can only have four PRIMARY partitions on a disc. However one of these can be an EXTENDED partition within which you can have as many LOGICAL partitions as you choose.

You may need to resize your extended partition to include the unallocated space and then create a new partition.

  daveac41 21:47 22 Mar 2011

Problem sorted now. Thanks to all for their assistance

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