unallacated discspace

  picklsey 17:55 14 Apr 2005

xp home/sp2

i have a 160g/b sata h/d on checking the size i find through windows disk management that i have 15.27 unallocated would someone be kind enough to tell me how to go about putting this onto my c drive so as i can have 160g/b again.thanks.

  mattyc_92 17:57 14 Apr 2005

short answer??? You can't....

Guessing that you are Using Windows XP, during setup, it creates this unallicated space for it's partition management data.... However I have only got 8megs unallicated....

  picklsey 18:07 14 Apr 2005


thanks for reply sorry for being a pain but there,s nothing on this partition so what does windows do with it.i built the pc myself and installed xphome sp2 oem. if that makes any difference.i had i60g/b to begin with but had to do a reinstall and i ended up with this.

  mattyc_92 18:23 14 Apr 2005

You could use Partition Magic 8 to get the space back (as I have done on this system).... But thats about it....

  woodchip 18:56 14 Apr 2005

As above you can with a disc manager as above or Acronis. click here

  Smiler 18:57 14 Apr 2005

15.27 what Mb or Gb.
If it's Mb its hardly worth worrying about on such a large drive anyway.
If it's Gb is it worth paying a lot of money for partition magic to reclaim it.

  dan11 19:36 14 Apr 2005

You can and you can not.

No doubt it is 15.27 gig. Did you install with XP sp1 ( 137 gig limit ) and then upgrade to sp2.

You can not merge with C from disk management as it will not let you alter the size of C. You can merge with partition magic.

You can free the unallocated space into a partition. Just right click on the unallocated space and follow the wizard.

  picklsey 05:10 15 Apr 2005

sorry for the delay in answering i,m sure i,ve got a copy of p/magic somewhere if i can find it if not i will probably use dan11 suggestion and put my photo,s or something on that partition.the oem version of xp had sp2 on it.well thanks everyone for your help on this once again i am very gratefull.

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